Faculty at Arizona State University Protest Students Learning About Happiness and Wealth, Want Speakers Canceled

What started as a program to introduce Arizona students to top national speakers on the topics of making their lives easier, happier, and better- has turned into an expose of how tyrannical leftist college faculty members dominate the free flow of information with temper tantrums and collude as social justice warriors with ‘news writers’ in what looks like a Salem Witch Trial, using their trusted positions to force a political agenda rather than allow free people to make their own choices.

Here is the event that is being protested:

Under the guise of canceling ‘hate speech,’ a list of ASU staffers want speakers, including Dennis Prager who is Jewish,  to face cancel culture over noncompliance with leftist virtue signaling of approved topic matters such as promoting “LGBTQ” lifestyles in only positive ways.

The attacks on Conservatives by AZ activists has been longstanding as evidenced by this AZ reporter’s smackdown on Prager U in 2021:


And the recent school’s protestors claim they have a moral high ground telling the University’s head Dean that  they want Health and Happiness speakers axed because they have been accused of  “attacking women and people of color”, even though no such evidence exists to show those things actually have ever happened.

Here is some of the group’s public angst:

Even though the event was not political, one poster alerted the Democrats. And then letters of demand were sent to top school officials, highlighting their hysteria over Charlie Kirk and Dennis Prager.

A temperamental letter was sent to the school’s Dean on Thursday and was obtained by Frontline America, that read in part:

“Our objections to two of the scheduled speakers at the “Health, Wealth and Happiness” event, however, exceed those previous worries by an order of magnitude.

Dennis Prager and Charlie Kirk are purveyors of  hate who have publicly attacked women, people of color, the LGBTQ community, as well as the institutions of our democracy, including our public institutions of higher education.

By platforming and legitimating their extreme anti-intellectual and anti-democratic views, Barrett will not be furthering the cause of democratic exchange at ASU, but undermining it in ways that could further marginalize the most vulnerable members of our community.

While their national media profiles are familiar to most, beneath our signatures we have compiled some of
Prager and Kirk’s most recent bigoted and anti-democratic public positions. Rather than rehearse those positions at length, we would like to pose several questions regarding the choice to host these speakers.”

Full Faculty Letter demanding the speakers be canceled.

So the Democrats want to protest health and happiness…here is more from their letter:

We, the undersigned Barrett faculty, write to condemn the “Health, Wealth, and Happiness” event the TW Lewis Center for Personal Development is scheduled to host on February 8th, 2023, and to express a vote of no confidence in the leadership of the Lewis Center. We do not take this position lightly, as all of us believe Barrett should be a place where our students encounter a broad diversity of voices and viewpoints. This event marks the culmination of a long history of choices made by the leadership of the Lewis Center, the sum of which demonstrate a vision for the center that runs contrary to the core values of the Barrett community.

While we applaud and support the work our faculty colleagues have performed in developing the Lewis
Center’s academic curriculum (often in spite of the Lewis Center leadership’s efforts to curtail their academic freedom), our concerns about the intellectual value of Lewis Center’s public programming are long standing.

We have objected to speakers brought to campus to promote topics ranging from demonstrably fraudulent “speed reading” methods to anti-scientific claims about affective medicine that do not reflect the commitment to critical thinking central to Barrett’s education mission.

Our concerns with the appearance of Robert Kiyosaki, whose key claims in his bestselling book have been widely debunked and whose public speaking engagements on wealth generation have been exposed as sales schemes, at the 2/8 event are in this vein.”


The AZ Democrats do not like the ideas of the speakers and want them gone- period- check this out from the original announcement of the event and see what could have gotten these Democrats so outraged.

A January 30, 2023 report from ASU press release announced a routine speakers event on the topics of
“Health, wealth, and happiness” offering expert contented as they described as “perhaps three of the most sought-after yet elusive attributes of a satisfying life,” and added:

“The T.W. Lewis Center for Personal Development at Arizona State University will focus on these attributes and propose ways to achieve them,” with discussions by topic experts and keynote speakers Radha Gopalan, Robert Kiyosaki and Dennis Prager.

The event will take place from 7 to 9 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 8, at the ASU Gammage Auditorium, located at 1200 S. Forest Ave. in Tempe.”

That is unless the ASU facility gets its way to shut the event down.

Gopalan, a board-certified heart transplant cardiologist and expert in Western and Eastern medicine whose approach to health and wellness centers care around one’s spirit and personality as opposed to a symptom-centered method, will share his perspective on health.

Kiyosaki, author of bestselling books (including New York Times No. 1 bestseller “Rich Dad Poor Dad”), entrepreneur, investor and educator who has challenged and changed the way millions of people around the world think about money, will speak about wealth.

Prager, host of a national radio show for the last 25 years, author of 10 bestselling books (including “Happiness is a Serious Problem”), host of the “Happiness Hour” weekly and founder of online Prager University, which has more than 5 billion views (mostly among young people) in 91 countries, will share his insights on happiness.

Both Gopalan and Kiyosaki are past Lewis Center speakers.

The Lewis Center, housed in Barrett, The Honors College at ASU, hosts over 30 speaker programs and 30 workshops per year, but until now they have only been available to Barrett Honors College students, said Ann Atkinson, Lewis Center executive director.

“This unprecedented event is a Lewis Center speaker program, but on a bigger stage so the public can benefit from the extraordinary combination of these thought-provoking speakers,” she said.

“This program will bring some of the nation’s thought leaders and subject matter experts together to discuss and dissect the important topics of health, wealth and happiness.”

The Lewis Center was established in 2019 with the goal of preparing students for the challenges and opportunities of life. The center’s pillars are happiness and purpose, personal finance and entrepreneurship, and success and leadership.

To accomplish its objectives, the Lewis Center provides innovative courses, workshops and a speaker series focused on self-awareness (behaviors, values, strengths), personal values and character development, leadership and entrepreneurship, decision-making and risk-taking, career planning, success and happiness. Many of the center’s speaker programs, workshops and honors courses address personal finance, happiness and wellness.

Stay tuned for updates on how successful the left was to get this event shut down.

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