Exclusive Interview: Prayers For J6 Political Prisoner From Jail House Cell

Ben Bergquam is a reporter for Real America’s Voice, whose courageous reporting has exposed many details about the anti-American events unfolding on the US Southern Border, casting Democrats and POTUS Joe Biden in a very dark light.

Bergquam’s fearless reporting also exposes greed and corruption in the US Government in the form of unjust treatment of American prisoners, like the treatment of US Political prisoners who are being held over non-violent infractions- stemming from Jan 6th, 2021- which on their face smack of political domination over supposedly free people.

“We think we are being treated this way to break us, and to be an example,” one political prisoner told Bergquam recently while discussing his situation from a timed- jail house phone.

In a recent interview with one political detainee by telephone from the prison,  Berquam highlighted the shocking treatment of men and women who are being detained while they await trial for their involvement. Some of the stories are so graphic the prisoner could not discuss the details by a monitored phone.

Bergquam-also took the opportunity of the in-person interview- to pray about the spiritual battle these prisoners find themselves a victim of.

“The left allowed an insurection by BLM and Antifa but don’t investigate any of that,” Bergquam said, as he was interviewing Ethan Nordean, aka Rufo, who is being held in a Virginia Prison over his participation in the events of Jan. 6th, 2021 at the US Capitol.

The prisoners, earlier in the week, had released a statement that they are praying for the truth to be revealed, and they are aligned with churches around the country for the week of May 17-24:

Numerous political prisoners and their allies have organized the “spiritual fasting period” to bring awareness to their plight and hope and pray for the Ameican people to join them.

“We are giving this over to God; this is a spiritual war. We thought this was the best way to combat it. We can’t do anything- this[ persecution of Trump supporters] is a religion to the left. This is about good vs. evil, “Nordean told him.

Nordean says he is being detained for ‘being the leader’ of the proud boys after protecting people from Antifa.

“We wanted to make sure that people were able to do what they wanted to do peacefully,” Nordean said, talking about how he walked into the Capitol, looked around at the situation, and then left. “This is all over a non-violent charge,” he told Bergquam, who added that he witnessed Proud Boys defending the American people when police were forced to stand down during the summer of riots in 2020.

“I feel compelled to speak out,” Nordean told Bergquam.”We are worried about equal protection under the law. They protect terrorists and go after people who walked into a building- that they were allowed to walk into- it is sick.” Bergquam said, talking about the nature of the charges and the length of time these prisoners like Nordean are being held.
“We feel like it is to break us,” Nordaean said, making plea to pray for and supporter the Jan. 6th prisoners.

“I am doing my best to stay strong. My trail is in three months, after being moved around to frustrate us,” he said, talking about the inhumane conditions in which he is being held.

“There are people who have had a harder time, who were treated even worse. The president that is being set is extreamly dangerous about the crazy sitituaions that they are being held,” he said, adding that many of the stories can not be discussed on this phone.

As the time was running short, and the jailhouse ‘one min warning’ message came over the phone, Ben prayed over Nordean that the enemies would be exposed.

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