War Mongers Protect Ukraine While US Border In Shambles: ‘Just Another Day Of Invasion On Southern Border’

Ben Bergquam, the host of Real America’s Voice Law and Border, broadcast live footage from Eagle Pass, Texas, showing a migrant family calmly being loaded into a Border Control Bus.

“These Border agents are just processing agents for the drug cartels to get people into the country,” Bergquam said about the scene.

“This is the death of America and it is being brought to you by politicians in Washington DC,” he said, reminding viewers that a border agent died right in that same river recently, trying to save a man who was smuggling drugs into the United States- just recently.


Bergkamp is a regular guest on the War Room podcast and was on recently to talk about his exclusive reporting on the area of the border that has migrant camps overflowing with people who are waiting for Tile 42 to be lifted by Joe Biden so that they can cross the border uninhibited from law enforcement.

Bergquam made the point that the Southern Border is where 40 Billion dollars could have been used to protect men and women in both Mexico and the US, instead of in Ukraine.

“How dare these war mongers use your children’s future for these wars,” Bergquam said, referring to the amount of aid being spent to protect Ukraine’s border, with our southern border falling apart and putting us into danger.

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