Exclusive! Is Border Patrol Sending COVID Positive Illegals To Rodeway Inn? Live Reports From Ben Bergquam

Ben Bergquam, the founder of Frontline America and a reporter for Real America’s Voice, along with Will Johnson, founder of UniteAmerica First brought compelling evidence to the public about the potential for a deepening human health crisis on the Southern Border. 

“I was interviewing a Border Patrol Officer and asked him what frustrated him the most, and he told me off the record that the illegals who test positive for COVID are allegedly being housed at this Rodeway Inn in San Juan Texas.  I have no confirmation this is true; I tried to ask the hotel management and was told to leave. I was told by police that I have to leave the area,” Berquam said while standing in front of the Hotel. 

Johnson joined Berquan and added that while he had been on doing a Livestream, a police officer spoke with Johnson and told him he had to stay in a certain place, and then sort of under his breath thanked them for bringing attention to the problem of people crossing while they are sick with COVID. 

“Look up and down this street you see signs about risk levels COVID.  If we are really worried about COVID, we should get getting to the bottom of whether or not this is true,” Berquam said. 

“I am told it is an open secret that this is happening, because there is a gag order, and it is really making the border patrol angry. So let’s find out if this story is true,” Ben said. 

BEN BERGQUAM- Frontline America, Real Americas Voice


WILL JOHNSON -Unite America First, Let’s Talk About It

“We were directed here by border patrol, and we are not harassing anyone. We want to bring people the truth. People were yelling and screaming, telling us to leave this area. We, the people deserve to know the truth about what is happening here if this story is true,” Johnson said.

In Johnson’s stream, he is seen talking to a poice officer who is off-camera, and informing Johnson not to enter the business area, and Johnson agrees not to enter the area where they are not wanted.

The two continue to work to validate the story of illegal crossers being housed at the Rodeway Inn who have COVID. Remember they claim they were given by Border Patrol, and if anything can be confirmed about this story, we will bring you the details.

Stay tuned to Frontline America for the rest of the story.

“Please share this and help us get the word out about what is happening. The Democrats are the reason for the invasion. Border Patrol told us


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