Most Trump supporters agree that whatever actual crimes people committed at the US Capitol on Jan 6th, they need to pay the consequences- but what is happening to the people who are still being detained for charges from that day- all this time later- in a Washington DC prison is absolutely wrong.

And we know that the crimes that we are told were committed need to be under scrutiny- because the government has an obvious agenda.

And Americans still have rights- right?

We have covered numerous stories that outline and validate the claims of abuse against Americans by the DC prison system- here is another story with a plea from a prisoner for help.

No America should be denied their rights- ESPECIALLY in an American prison and ESPECIALLY not an American who served their country.

A retired Green Beret who prosecutors say worked for the CIA since leaving the Army was denied bond in March 2022, by a Washington, D.C., judge after being charged in events connected to Jan. 6 at the US Capitol.

Retired Sgt. 1st Class Jeffrey A. McKellop, a former member of 3rd Special Forces Group, was accused of using a flagpole like a spear against a police officer in D.C., as well as assaulting three other officers on that day.

Footage from that day:

According to a press release from the DC State’s Attorney’s office, the timeline for McKillop in 2021:

Arrested 3/17/21. Initial appearance held 3/18/21.

Indicted 3/31/21. Arraigned 4/12/21 where he pleaded not guilty to all counts.

Defendant remains committed.

Scott Steiert, a fellow Special Forces veteran, said in a letter submitted to the court that he invited McKellop to the rally on Jan. 6 because he feared protesters opposing then-President Donald Trump could attack him.


McKellop has been detained for a long time as the courts are moving very slowly on these cases. The stories of human suffering in the DC prison, have gone viral. Yet, a recent March 2022 request for bail and release was denied. And it appears the controlled narrative- is all over politics. Much of the Democrat-dominated government’s case hinges on McKellop- and it is likely that he is being tortured and mistreated in the Democrat-dominated prison- so that the government can use him as cover for their Democrat dominated narrative.


From his jail cell, (validated by David Sumrall of Stop Hate.com) McKellop wrote out this request to the American people for assistance with his legal funds on Give Send Go, and to tell people about his background.

From McKellop:


U.S Army Special Forces (Retired) Airborne Ranger 2nd Ranger BN, Green Beret 

Serviced in Combat in Bosnia, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa, Germany, Italy and more 

Press Release – Sit Back and Get your Beer! 

My name is Jeff McKellop, Proud father of Davis and Paige 

Born 1965 to Richard and Joann, Hippie stoners, Bikers who failed in life 

Left home at age 15 – lived on the Sacramento River for a year in an old pump  house outside of West Sacramento. That was actually fun! I met John and Cindy  While pulling weeds for money and food. When I wasn’t fishing, stealing’ mowing  lawn they would let me hang out for a day or two. One day while mowing lawns  they asked where I was living, and would I enjoy staying with them? Not sure,  because living on the river was pretty cool. I had a bad ass tan.  

1983 – Graduated high school Mesa Verde. I didn’t know what I wanted to be,  because skateboarding was my thing, also running cross country and wrestling. 

1985 – Age 17-18 decided to move to Northern California, Chico. Went to Butte  Community and one semester at Chico. 

1986 – Walking around downtown Chico CA. my girlfriend Adrien (Beautiful  woman) eating ice cream walking around. Passing by the army recruiter’s office.  On T.V. (Betamax) some bad ass rangers, all camouflaged paddling down some  filth river. “Wow! That looks cool!” 

1986 November – Sitting in Liberal psychology, Professor speaking about how cool  it would be to be picking rice for the government. My ADHD kicked in really hard,  stood up, walked out of class, leaving my books, bag, lunch, bicycle, girlfriend,  apartment and pizza job. 

1987-June 2 – Basic training Ft. Jackson, S.C. – Hot, Bugs, Sand, and a shit ton of  yelling. I was like “WOW! This is fun! Get Paid to Camp out!” 

1988 – 1st Duty Station Korea 2/503 rd Camp Hovey My company commander  Capt. Kidd. “Put McKellop. Your ass needs to go to Ranger School”. “What’s that,  Sir?”

 U.S Army Special Forces (Retired) Airborne Ranger 2nd Ranger BN, Green Beret 

1989 December – Re-Enlisted for Airborne Ranger BN. Just missed Panama by a  week. Assigned to 2nd Ranger Bal. “Wow! This was cool!” Hanging out with some  bad ass dudes! 

1991 December – I meet a woman who talked me into getting out of the military  and finishing my degree. “Uh, Ok, Because I wanted to be smarter than before.”  Listening to a girlfriend is a super bad idea! 

1993 – Re-enlisted back into the military. Hell Yes, Baumholder, Germany Infantry  Medic. Changed job, I felt learning and trade was the best deal. On and on. There  was something all the while there in the back of my mind, a blank space to be  filled. I needed to be better than the normal infantry man. 

On a rifle range late summer 1994 10th special forces guys came out. I started a  conversation with one guy, a medic. Bla, Bla on and on. I was like! F Yes! Green  Berets! I’ll try it! What do I have to lose? I started training, like hard core.  

1995 April – May, Fort Bragg, NC Special Forces Selection. 300 Bad Ass dudes  started I was 1-50 that finished! Freaking crushing Dudes! Herniated my L4-L5,  stress fractured my right metatarsal. I can’t stop! It felt so good! It felt so right! I  had found people that were like my broken home, lost, the need for a brother that  will stick with you no matter what! 

1998 – Healed and went to “Qualification Course” Hell, Yes! I was assigned to 3  special force groups. N.C ODA 394 F Yes! Green Beret!  

2001 September 11 – Nigeria watching T.V. in Berninkebe. We watched as people drove airplanes into our! Buildings! M.F. Must Pay! 

Over 3000 people lost their lives in an hour! I went back to my tent and cried! I  laid there thinking about what I could do to help. Tony, my bad ass team Sergeant.  We are going to war. Pack your shit. “We are going back home and then deploy. “  

January 2002 Afghanistan – I had figured out what I was good at, High Mountain  Adventures! So Cold! Snow so Deep! I don’t care! I see them far below in the  valley! Don, my T.A.C.P (Tactical Air Control Personnel) and I climbed high into the  snow line. We see them far below. Call air strikes. Run M.F. Run! Snow is so deep,  so cold. I don’t care, I show no mercy whatsoever. Village to village house to  house. I’m coming for you. I volunteered for everything.

Give/Send/Go G2939  

U.S Army Special Forces (Retired) Airborne Ranger 2nd Ranger BN, Green Beret 

2003- Iraq – We staged in Cypress. Flew through Jorden into Northern Iraq. Hit the  ground running! We’re coming for you! Mosul, Kirkut, Erbil, Tal afar on and on.  We don’t stop a roller ball of death. I leave nothing but burning buildings and  crying women. I don’t care. 9-11 M.F!  

2004-Afghanistan! Helmen, Marjha, Kandahar. Gardez, Asadabad, Pakistan. I see  you! I feel no pain! I’m coming for you M.F. Begging for mercy, I have none! 

2005-06 Iraq – Back and forth. Tal afar and Mosul. Foreign fighters from all over  the place to kill me. They try to take me out! I evaded ubied sniper fire, rockets,  nothing, nothing can stop me! They run through the streets carrying small children  as shields. Just shoot their legs. I see you! I’m coming! No Fear! The Heat! The Sun!  Tracers coming so close you can tough them. So close to me the shrapnel covers  my vehicle. I can’t stop. Keep Moving! Never Quit! No Mercy! No Quitter, I’m  coming! 

2006 – My wife Sara talked me into a teaching job. Ended my tours overseas. I  went to special warfare training group to help train new special forces soldiers. 

2010 – Retired from U.S. Army Special Forces. What will I do now? I know, I’ll work  as “High Threat Mobil Security for the State and Agency. Hell Yes, working with  bad m.f. 

When my country called, I answered! Never been arrested, Four speeding  tickets. 

2021 – January My friend Scott called me, “Bro, Your country needs you! Meet me  at the capital January 6. Antifa and BLM will be there. Time to whip ass on skinny  jean wearing beta males. I’m coming for you! 

As Always – with my eyes did I see: The beating death of Rosanna Boyland officers  involve. Morris, Powell, Hodges, Fenonne, 5229, 5077, 5586, 5622, 5213, 5859,  1213.

Oh No, How can this be? Because it’s on video! Wanna know more?

Officers  responsible for the complete fall of the west terrace. Their action incited violence,  beat women, tazed, C. S. Bean bags, rubber ball grenades, rubber bullets without  restraint; without orders; without control.

Not one tried to bring calm to the  situation. When you see crimes committed by police, you’ll begin to see FBI, MPD,  Players in the crowd. Augustine David, Axon Body cam x6039BCSJ(7345); Thau  David, Axon body cam x6039883Q(9052); J. Crismax axon body X6039BETX (6049);  Tara Tindall axon B/C X6039BCEW(9165); K. Kimball Axon B/C X6039BHBQ(8821);  Krycia J. Axon B/C X8039BC2X(10612) Norman Kenny Axon B/C X6039BCZG(6437). 


The list goes on! I’ve watched all their videos! How? The DOJ thought it would be  funny to open up all evidence! All of it to us. So we sat down and watched and  picked people out.

See who they talked to. Get more names, narrow down the field. The Atrocities Committed by M.P.D Point Blank! Firing of 40 mm; CS Gas,  bean bags rubber grenades on and on.

People just standing there! David Thau,  SGT, MPD! F. tazing people walking away!

All this while officers watching. Not one  f. major and above made a decision! At 14:25:10 Thau, Bagshaw, Edwards, Tindall,  Augusine, shotting 40mm CS gas randomly throwing rubber ball grenades blindly  into the crowd.

There was so much gas it wiped out 2/3 RDS of the line of MPD.  That is when everyone ran forward. On and on! All on video.

The foot soldiers  were left to do what they wanted. The officers didn’t make a decision! “It’s all on  Video”!  

January 6, 2021 – I became America’s most wanted #215. Judge Nichols, “Mr.  McKellop, You’re the worst thing this country has ever seen, Bond Denied”  

I am facing up to 50 years for my crimes. 

My name is Jeff McKellop. I am a Political Prisoner in My Own  Country. 

What will you do when they come for you? 

Written from his jail cell on March 15, 2022 

Jeffrey McKellop #376887 

Correctional Treatment Facility DC-CTF 

1901 D. St. SE 

Washington, DC 20003 

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