Exclusive Reporting on Origins of TV Ad Exposes Cartel Ties to the CCP, Corporate Media Ignores

Real America’s Voice investigator reporter Ben Bergquam, host of Law and Border, reminded readers of the ties between Drug Cartels and the Chinese Communist Party – which he and his network of independent border journalists have discovered and exposed.

Even Reuters reported on Thursday about the increase in migration from China into the US but fell short of investigating the origins of this massive migration, saying:

“The difficulty of obtaining U.S. visas and the economic after-shocks of China’s COVID lockdowns have led to a sharp increase in Chinese nationals presenting at the U.S.-Mexico border – and some of those arrivals, like Wu, learned about how to come online, migrants, immigration experts, attorneys, and current and former U.S. officials, told Reuters.

Over the course of three weeks photographing and reporting from a remote border stretch in southeastern Texas, Reuters witnessed hundreds of Chinese migrants crossing into the United States. They interviewed more than two dozen in Mandarin.”

These are economic migrants storming our borders- finding no one to protect them, they move in. It almost looks like a plan. And when did Americans become responsible for the economic plight of the entire world after COVID, which also destroyed so much of our own economy?

Unfortunately, the corporate media is ignoring these questions and hiding the rest of the story from the American people.

Bergquam has exposed numerous times in his exclusive reporting that the administration of Joe Biden is acting like a travel agency for the illegal migration of people into our country- many of who come from countries whose leadership and government are long-time enemies of the American Republic.


Fighting for freedom and having fun, Bergquam is off to his next destination to bring Americans the accurate information they need.


Bergquam found one of the Chinese men who made it past the borders with the assistance of a well-funded Non-Government Organization. Because of medical issues, he has become a dependent on the nation, and it is our responsibility to care for him.

This is happening in massive bulk in the country:

The topic of CCP infiltration by military-aged young men from China into the United States of America through the open and unprotected southern border is well known and understood by many mainstream- corporate media types. Still, they are ignoring stories like Bergquam’s that explore the machinery behind the invasion we are seeing:

“This is how insane it has gotten! This ad was given to us when we were in the Necocli, Colombia, before we crossed the Darien Gap in Panamá. The cartel is directly marketing to China and the CCP because of Joe Biden and the Democrats open border policies. Cartel travel agencies working with the United Nations and Democrat NGOs to commit National suicide! Stay tuned for our new episodes of “Law & Border” Darien Gap speckling soon! With @Oscarelblue, @Michael_Yon Chuck Holton,” Bergquam said about the following footage.

Here is some more reporting by Independent journalist Michael Yon about the situation that threatens the United States and which seems to be a pre-determined plan of the Democrat administration of Joe Biden:


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Here is some of our past reporting on the ties between the Southern Border and the CCP:

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