Exclusive: Wake Up! ‘Did You Have To Report How You Lost Your Virginity?’ North Carolina Mom Slams School Board Over Surveys

Kathyrn Stamou, a mom and a substitute teacher delivered a rebuke to the school board members in Wake County this week, and as she pointed out numerous board members appeared to have fallen asleep during her time to speak about the concerns she has as an employee and as a Mom. 

“I come to you with grave concerns over the surveys that are being given.  I am referencing the BISMA 2. They are being given in Wake Co with Panorama, and questions on said surveys are whether said child is binary or nonbinary or what they identify as,” Stamou said, interrupting herself to ask one of the Board members to pay attention.

“I’m sorry Mr. Sutton, you may need to wake up!” Stamou, an educator,  said in that stern teacher voice we all dreaded as kids. 

Listen as Stamou rebukes the school board for falling asleep while talking about her grave concerns.

“Are they a virgin and what news is played at home. Some of these kids do not know what binary is.  I come here as concerned teacher and a Wake Co. employee.  Shocking- I know,” she said.

“I can’t understand how these questions relate to a child getting a better and efficient education,” she said. “I am asking you to use your moral compass.  I am not really sure if, on your job interviews, they asked you how you lost your virginity or how your experience was, or what your mental well-being was, but I find it inappropriate.

I find it interested that you relate Wake County to a Fortune 500 company.  It is mind-blowing to me.  People are selling their stock in you.  You are down 75.8 percent enrollment since July 2021.  People are leaving.  I wouldn’t buy you on a split.  I am looking to sell you,” she said.

“I think you all need to wake up and clean it up.”


By the time Stamou got home, she received an email from Wake County Schools.  Stamou did wonder how the school board had her email address handy.  The email says there is no question about virginity in school or other legally protected topics.

But what the school didn’t know is that Stamou has been on a hunt for information for months, and I helped her chronicle that journey- right here.

Letter from school to Stamou after her school board speech:

Stamou sent me the above set of questions, that she found on a Wake County discussion group about surveys, which clearly asks about the loss of virginity.

I reported on that same survey with confirmation from Wake Co. Public Schools that it was their questionnaire.

Speaking at the school board is a great way to get people’s attention for her concerns.

Stamou has been on a months-long odyssey to discover what is on her Middle School son’s surveys and Panorama Chrome book portal.  As reported here, she has discovered pretty invasive questions and been in a lengthy series of emails with school officials to decipher how her school, which is rumored to be a “pilot school’ -uses survey data and recommends books to her young son that she objects to- here is that story:


Stamou has discovered that the Panorama surveys are being used to start conversations with teachers so that children can be referred to a guidance counselor so pharmaceutical companies can be altered for services and perhaps expensive medications.

There is really no other way to explain the state of education in 2021 in Wake County, North Carolina. There is no longer any discussion about aptitude in scholarly pursuits of reading, writing, and math.

Those days may be gone forever.

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