EXPLOSIVE! “Half Of Obama’s Administration Had Personal Servers, XI May Have Been Chairman Of One Of Hunter’s Companies”, Jack Maxey And Laptop From Hell

Jack Maxey talking about what he has seen on the laptop once owned by Hunter Biden, and where his investigations into the groups and people in DC have led, sounded a lot like someone describing the way the Chinese Communists work- as he spoke with a woman named Nancy Grace, recently, in his second interview with her.

“We have found double and triple the amount of information on the laptop then we thought we had. I would like people to call their congressman and Senators and ask them to come over here to find out what we have,” Maxey said about the ongoing investigations he is involved with.

One of the biggest concepts that Maxey wants people to grasp is that, he says, it is high time for Americans to consider tactics- like the tenth amendment, to start running corrupt people out of the US Government.

“We need to take control of our government,” he said, “and consider whatever isn’t in the US Constituion is left up to the states like the intelligence communities. They are all bad actors.”

Maxey left the United States and is now in Switzerland, working with Europeans and people who are worried about the status of the United States because he is not getting the cooperation here- that he wants and needs. “If the United States falls, where is anyone going to go? They are worried about that too,” Maxey said about the people who are assisting him now.

“I thought I was going to come here and catalog some images and things changed when I got here. We found 200,000 emails, 300,000 phone conversations, 80,000 images and 5 Biden family phones mirrored on his hard drive,” Maxey said talking about the lengths to which he has gone to – to get the contents of the hard drive- to law enforcement who would take the crimes he has found- seriously and protect the country.

“I feel sad at the loss of life, and I feel like if I had done what I an doing now- but earlier- I could have saved more lives,” Maxey told Grace.

Maxey described international dealings, creating new companies and products, that were deemed illegal and corrupt by other countries because of the involvement of China, but was approved by the US Government and spearheaded by well-connected sons of politicians.

27:00 Mary Grace talked about the collaboration between John Kerry’s stepson, Chris Heinz, and Hunter Biden and called them “prince-lings” who were untouchable.

32:00 They were obstructing information and making strategic companies to help the Chinese in other countries, Maxey discussed. Maxey said he believed that Chairman Zi was even involved with at least one of Hunter Biden’s companies, called Bohai Harvest.

“When they bought a strategic company they knew what they were doing. One was an electronic lens company.  In all three of European companies, NATO ally and Switzerland turned them down on National Security problems, but we let them through,” Maxey said.

1:00:00 Maxey said he finds something new to investigate almost every day saying,  for example, “Half of Obama’s administration has private servers because they are all on Hunter’s laptop,” as if it is not a big deal compared with the details of the many other scandals.

102:00:00 There are emails on here about Hillary Clinton corresponding with a Haitian ambassador, on private email, trying to get a freshwater contract, for a country suffering from Cholera, with a group called The Delaware group, that includes Hunter.

And he promised to make all the files accessible for media and others- but that has been delayed.

“I am doing what I have to do to protect myself and my country,” Maxey said about the delay in getting information to the general public so other people can see what he is talking about.

“I am trying to take care of National Security here,” he said. Maxey talks a lot about his faith in God, as the reason for his courageous activism demanding justice over the many crimes he has uncovered.

“We have all been taken advantage of, and we have to start acting like Americans,” Maxey told Mary Grace about some of the motivations for exposing the contents of the laptop.

35:00 Highly alarming to Maxey is the offshore manufacturing of drugs- that we have given to the Chinese.

“We get 80% of our medicines from China, and they have us under a gun.  Look who profited from the COVID pandemic. All the kits for the military – to helmets to water bottles had to come from the USA, and they wanted drugs for our military to be made in the US, but lobbyists from Big Pharma got that taken off, so we have to rely upon China to but put people on the field,” Maxey said. “And most importantly we have to start demanding that elected officials take it seriously.”

We have to elect officials who won’t betray us.  We have to elect people who will put the American people first, and not their family vacation or their own wallets. We need to bring manufacturing back to the United States.  Trump wanted to do it, but they didn’t really take it seriously until COVID.


Watch the full interview here:

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