Busted! Biden Is Giving Free Phones To Illegals Who Cross- Are They Organizing An Invasion By Phone?

Jen Psaki is BUSTED!  The US Government is giving illegal aliens free phones after they enter our country illegally, and it is highly questionable WHY they are doing that. We can only guess, because Democrat Joe Biden and his Democrat administration is not saying.

As Real America’s Voice reporter and host of Law and Border, Ben Bergquam, has exposed with live footage- people who are entering the United States illegally are curiously disposing of their legal documents and phones at the border.  We know from Bergquam’s reporting people are being transported into our country, and even flown far into the countryside- without any accounting of where they are going.

Check out our past reporting on this:

Exclusive: Reporting From The Frontline Of The Invasion, Bergquam Finds Massive Incriminating Evidence

Is that why they are getting free phones when they get here?

Here is the proof they are getting the goodies from the government- AND at a time when we don’t have money for the things Americans need:

Check out this great post on GETTR by Mike Harnett, which is where I found the footage- Hat-Tip Mike:

The illegal immigrants debacle in US just gets better.

US Gov is giving away free phones now, in the name of security so they can track these folks of course. WOW!!!

FYI FOLKS… This is another ‘manufactured’ crisis to get you looking one way while the demoncrats criminal organization is doing something else that’s nefarious… Just like the Ukraine/Russia conflict is 100% manufactured.

Never waste a good crisis they say!

All the world’s a stage friends!

Don’t be fooled and don’t look the other way because they are up to a lot more than meets the eye. These criminals need to be under constant surveillance to catch them in the act… and I’m referring to the deep state swamp.

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