George Conway Admits: E. Jean Carroll Lawfare is to Stop President Trump From Re-Election

George Conway is a political figure who gained prominence as the husband of Kellyanne Conway, who served as a counselor to President Donald Trump. Despite being married to a key Trump advisor, Conway has tragically been a vocal critic of Donald Trump and his administration, not worrying about destroying his wife’s career reputation.

KEY POINT: Details about Conway’s involvement in what appears to be an elaborate SLAPP lawsuit to prevent Trump from running for POTUS have hit the airwaves again this week.

Conway co-founded the vicious anti-Trump group of disgruntled political insiders and consultants called “The Lincoln Project” in 2019, which aimed to prevent the reelection of Donald Trump. That work has never stopped for Conway. The group consisted of current and former Republicans critical of how Trump wanted to return government power to the people of the United States.

Conway’s public criticisms of Trump, often expressed through social media and op-eds, where he has made debased and cars statements about his wife’s employer- have made him a notable figure to the left and in the ongoing discussions surrounding Trump’s presidency and the state of the Republican Party.

Conway’s vicious comments, viewpoints, and public statements have contributed to the broader conversation about the role of conservative voices in the era of Trump- but that is ok for him to do- because he is special.

Conway appeared on MSNBC recently to talk about Trump some more, to gloat and to brag about his involvement with the recent attack of lawfare.

“I like to make fun of Trump for his silliness. I mean, that is what this is about. He had his lawyers keep talking about me at the first trial because it was his obsession, and his lawyers ended up reflecting his obsessions. he thought everything was about him and about how he was persecuted.

But the fact of the matter is, I mean, that’s funny, but it’s a very serious thing about why he should never become president again. He wants to destroy the legal system.

He wants to destroy the rule of law because he doesn’t like it and he doesn’t want it to apply to him. He only wants it to apply to people he can seek vengeance against and even talks about that,” Conway said, in a sort of little beta male, ankle-biter sort of way.

We know some details about Conway’s claims about who is trying to change the law- and he is wrong, the law is not being upheld here, and it was changed to help Carroll get Trump.

Remember the jury did not find that Trump raped Carroll according to this court documentation:

And we know that Carroll’s lawyer assisted in her pursuit to file charges against Trump by changing New York laws.


The defamation trial this week seems to highlight how biased and liberal the courts are and how Trump’s opponents are now just using lawfare to try to stop him from running for President- and that is exactly what Conway admitted to on Wednesday:

President Donald Trump is facing a second trial related to defamation charges brought by writer E. Jean Carroll. The trial, taking place in a federal courthouse in lower Manhattan, focuses on determining the amount of money Trump must pay for comments he made in 2019, denying he sexually assaulted Carroll.

The jury, consisting of nine anonymous members ranging in age from their 20s to 60s, was selected over a three-hour period to protect their identities in this high-profile case.

Carroll previously accused Trump of sexual assault in the mid-1990s, and in a separate case, she was awarded $5 million in damages in 2022 for Trump’s comments calling her lawsuit a con job, hoax, and lie. The current trial revolves around comments made in 2019 and aims to assess additional damages. A judge has already ruled Trump’s comments defamatory, and he was found liable for sexual abuse and defamation in the previous trial.

Trump, though not required to be present, may testify in this trial, but the judge has prohibited him from denying the sexual abuse. Carroll, during her testimony, asserted that Trump assaulted her and continues to lie about it, expressing her intent to reclaim her reputation.

The trial began with a tense atmosphere, with Trump’s attorney seeking a continuance due to the former president’s mother-in-law’s funeral. The judge and Trump’s attorney had a heated exchange over this request.

The trial’s proceedings have highlighted the clash between Trump’s legal strategy and the court’s attempts to maintain order. The judge has issued orders barring specific topics, such as Carroll’s choice of lawyer and past relationships, from being discussed during the trial. Despite these restrictions, there are concerns about Trump attempting to turn the trial into a spectacle.

The case signifies a broader tension between Trump and the legal system. Critics argue that Trump’s actions demonstrate a desire to undermine the rule of law, posing concerns about the potential consequences if he were to return to the presidency. The trial is expected to last three to five days.

Supporters of President Trump say he is using his free speech rights to defend himself.

If you can stomach it- watch this full interview with the disgraced Conway:

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