‘Go Full MAGA!’ Local Broadcasters Urge Bannon Ahead of Upcoming NCGOP Speech

Host of War Room, Steve Bannon, appeared on local radio, Weeb 990 AM, on Friday live from Pinehearst, North Carolina, to preview his upcoming speech for the town’s NCGOP Lincoln- Regan Dinner, an annual event for the party.

The two radio hosts, JD Zumwalt and Steve Woodward, took the opportunity of having Bannon’s ear to petition him to let loose on the RINOS in the North Carolina Republican Party and to do it in his iconic- War Room style.

Bannon said he would make the case that night that the government elite- who he calls the “administrative state’ -have betrayed the American people in many ways. He hinted that it is unlikely he will be holding back for any ‘Southern-style pleasantries and small talk.’

“We are going to take power from Imperial DC and give it back to the people,” Bannon said to Zumwalt, who is also a Conservative, local grassroots leader as well as a radio host, reminding Zumwalt that change is being made in DC with minimal funding and resources, mostly being forced on politicians because of talk shows, podcasts and programs like WEEB and War Room.

Zumwalt brought up the Thursday night speech by Biden as an example of what is going wrong in politics and wondered if Americans have the will to fight- and asked Bannon his thoughts.

“If you believe in limited government and fiscal responsibility, this period is the fight we have wanted for 20 years because they are bankrupting this country and every working man and woman,” Bannon answered, noting that this is the right time to fight for changes because the MAGA movement, the Populist-Conservatives in the Republican party finally has some newfound political muscle.

“It was one of the most disgusting speeches I have ever heard any president give,” Bannon told Zumwalt in his typical firey style, slamming Democrat President Biden, who is besieged with scandal, much of which Bannon is right in the middle of exposing.

In the interview, Bannon touched briefly on the critical issues he will no doubt dive deeper into next Friday, promising to give the NCGOP something to talk about for a long time.


Listen to Zumwalt, Woodward, and Bannon:

During the generous half-hour interview, Bannon, whose own War Room studio is a short walk from the US Capitol in Washington DC, shared his prestigious point of view on what is unfolding in Washington DC with the program hosts, Zumwalt and Woodward.

The three talked about how current events are impacting the working men and women in the nation’s small towns- like Pinehurst, and what they are most concerned about- which is not always similar to what the politicians in DC are worried about.

Notably, Bannon, while talking to Zumwalt and Woodward, had his finger on the pulse of the American people in 2023, invoking his long term of service, watching politics under President Jimmy Carter during the Iran hostage crisis at the time, from both the elite top and the marginalized bottom- since 1979.

That long view and personal involvement with the “forgotten man and woman” is how Bannon, someone at the top of his political game, is such a powerful force in DC and the political arena.

He is a champion of the little guys and gals.

After the Navy, Bannon went on to have a notable career in Geopolitics, Media, Banking, and Filmmaking and now hosts the hugely influential War Room Program on Real America’s Voice, broadcasting 4 hours a day, five days a week in the heart of Washington DC.- Something no one else in politics does.

Bannon, of course, is a principal architect of the MAGA movement. This Populist movement catapulted President Donald J. Trump into the White House in 2016, and Bannon has never switched sides or changed his messaging to the American people.

Bannon will be the keynote speaker at the Moore Co. GOP Lincoln Regan Dinner on Friday, October 27.

Also, on Friday, after the radio program, Bannon gave an epic blow to the establishment- that is well worth a listen to get to know this historic figure:

Bannon addressed his arrest for defying radical leftist Nancy Pelosi- here is some of our other coverage of Bannon and the War Room and some of the details of his arrest:

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