Bannon- Guilty Of Using The Left’s Tactics Against Them Masterfully

Steve Bannon and his War Room Posse have successfully used almost all of the left’s organizing tactics against them, save the outright usurpation of American liberty- which only the RINO- left can stomach putting into action against the American people. Bannon doesn’t steal and lie- but he knows how the left does it.

“I’ll tell you who a Community Organizer is, someone who will kick your butt,” Bannon said at a meeting of Black entrepreneurs, which I attended back in 2016, with the group Black Americans For A Better Future.

Bannon, a supporter of the group, attended as a keynote speaker at the time to receive the group’s White Paper on economic empowerment and give them encouraging tips. I knew instantly that my long-time admiration of him and his work was rightfully placed.

And now Bannon has emerged as the Mack Daddy of Butt-Kicking Community Organizing, in real life- and gone and gotten arrested because he was organizing for liberty.

Bannon is guilty of transforming campaign activism, independent media, and legislative action- ALL AT THE SAME TIME- and he has done it with his name on it, and now he is paying the consequences in service to America.

Those consequences will cement Bannon’s actions into ‘legend’ status for American history.

While the left needs massive well-funded Non-Government Organizations (NGO) – machines of hundreds of thousands of professional tech experts, professional digital journalists, campaign strategists, street activists, corrupt politicians, mainstream media, the whole administrative state, huge American institutions- and sports and entertainment- to push their Marxist message- Bannon, has just the American people.

And Bannon has tacked straight into the headwinds of our abusive government.

He is literally the commander of a rag-tag bunch of patriots who are crushing the left. This is a historical time because the left has done all of what Bannon has done- except they did it with taxpayer funds, and they did it while eroding American freedom- and smashing the little guy.

Bannon, a Populist, has done what Obama, a Marxist-Communist-Islamist Supremacist- and his teams did for decades. But Bannon is motivated by virtue and regard for our Republic, and the American people.

So Bannon is guilty of flipping the tables on the administrative state that has privatized so much of the American system- including the courts. And Bannon just proved it with his own life.

Bannon put himself into the storm willingly in service to his country in honor of the men and women who have served before him, the ones who preserved this experiment in self-governance.

We are living in the times of an epic tale.

Remember- Bannon is being persecuted for doing what is outlined in Groundbreakers, which exalts Barack Obama for his efforts in Community Organizing : John Hopkins review here.

Check out how Obama was a hero for transforming America with marketing tactics and propaganda in this 2008 AdWeek article: HERE


Did they heal the world and serve Justice? Are Black Americans better under the Democrats?

It’s ok when Obama gave false hope- right? It was ok for Obama to talk about civil engagement to transform the government- right?

Remember Bannon delivers on hope. He did it with President Trump, who also delivered- then together, Bannon and Trump DID what Obama ONLY talked about.

And for it, Trump is persecuted- and Bannon was forced to surrender himself to the monstrous powers of an out-of-control centralized and corrupt government.


Bannon has done ‘Obama style organizing’ even better and on a much larger scale- and now the haters of American liberty are furious and probably embarrassed because Bannon looks good while doing what he is doing- the left looked like a bunch of Communists- in fact they still do.

Bannon has been laying the groundwork for decades against the lying left and ridiculous RINOS and together, they are getting revenge on him- in the most Maoist style they can display last week having him arrested for nonsense and marching him through the public square in handcuffs.


And Bannon is able to turn it all around into a positive for himself, but the left shouldn’t get comfortable with their abuse of the justice system- because America, as Bannon says, ‘has had a bully full of it’.

And now those Americans are going to go and vote- something many people refused to do for a long time.

Business Insider reported on Bannon’s arrest this week and mocked him for a scheme:

Steve Bannon, who was arrested earlier this week in connection with a scheme to build a border wall on the US-Mexico border, said the experience of being handcuffed marked one of his favorite days. 

“It was a very powerful, spiritual day for me,” he said in a segment of conservative pundit Charlie Kirk’s podcast on Friday. “A lot of things came into high clarity.”

He then called the event “one of the best days of my life.”

“I was totally in the zone — as you say in sports — the entire time. They’re not gonna shut me up,” he continued. 

Isn’t that bizarre journalism? What is a scheme?

A ‘scheme’ is defined by:

“A large-scale systematic plan or arrangement for attaining a particular object or putting a particular idea into effect.”

“A clever marketing scheme”


Bannon is brilliant at Messaging, Branding and PR. He is good at marketing. Now that is a crime.

How is the ‘We Build The Wall” border security wall a ‘scheme’, when they, in fact did build a wall. And they were building more parts of the border wall.

Was the project, like the War Room-a brilliant use of a ‘Grassroots Marketing Platform’ like the left uses all of the time for very similar projects? YES. It was.

Bannon is guilty of being smarter, faster and more inspiration than the RINO-Left and the master of grassroots marketing platforms for Conservatives.

Check this post out, there is a big story here:

It must have been confusing for the poor opponents of American Liberty. How could getting arrested be a great day?

Bannon answered on the War Room on Friday.  The left has never come up against a force of nature like Bannon.  I almost feel sorry for them. 


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