Good Times And News: Fighting For Freedom And Having Fun

Ben Bergquam is a serious investigative reporter for Real Americas Voice, a frequent guest on The War Room with Steve Bannon, and the founder of Frontline America. Often he is uncovering courageous reporting from the Southern Border, covering the people and events the mainstream media refuses to talk about.

And the thing about Ben that sets him apart from others is that he blazes the country and finds poignant and authentic stories that will move you and inspire you, yet he always finds time for his family who he includes in his journey.

And he always finds time to have fun.

Ben’s Motto: “Smile because the left can’t handle it!” Ben said to the “Brick man” recently, as seen below, at the recent rally in Iowa. There was Ben having real fun with all the supporters of Trump’s who joined in “Let’s Go Brandon!”.

Ben, who is an A list reporter, so he gets you into all the hottest places for a front row view- and is widely admired by the grassroots- is joining others who are fighting for freedom and having fun.

He will bring you the footage their activism, right here on Frontline America:

Check Ben out for his inspiration for this site and his work, and please support his work by visiting his sponsors, My Patriot Supply and My Pillow, and look for more sponsors. Ben is on a mission to help save the American Republic.

Follow him on GETTR and Twitter @BenBergquam and Youtube at Frontline America for the news you need and the fun you want.

And remember-Ben always finds a minute for some fun:

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You don’t want to miss anything Ben covers.

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