What Border Patrol Said Is Going To Blow Your Mind!

What Ben Bergquam uncovered in a recent interview with a Border Patrol agent is that leftist organizations have taught people how to make claims to get asylum in the United States so that they can be released hook up with numerous other leftist organizations who transport them to places where they will have food and shelter and additional support.

Remember you heard it here first with Ben Bergquans courageous reporting on border issues.

And what Berguam uncovered here is even more shocking. First, you have got to hear how he discovered the route illegals take, how they figure out how and when to jump off of trains, and finally, the agent told him about the secret to getting a special VISA, which is like a free pass.

Please share this video to help educate others about what we face from the border crisis planned and carried out by Democrat Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.


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