GOP Debate: The Only Thing Missing Were Their Super Hero Capes- While Trump Rallies American People

Does anyone else see it? The “saviors” of the Republic.. and the only thing missing were their superhero capes.

Please be aware that going further in this article will result in reading the author’s opinion, which can be salty at times and ornery-but I promise to try to keep it under control.

OK the truth is- who cares about the stupid sideshow debate? I didn’t watch a moment of it, and I didn’t read anyone’s posts about what any of them said- because they all look so weird and out of touch.

This is what I care about- Jobs for Americans:

“Donald Trump pledges a Rust Belt economic renaissance in a historic Clinton Township, Michigan speech. Watching Trump pledge to put CCP factories out of business and build new ones in the USA is much more important than watching the GOP Debate.”

I choose the “Rust belt Renaissance”.

Here is how CNN covered this silly “debate” sideshow:

GOP debate Seven Republican candidates faced off Wednesday night in the second primary debate of the 2024 campaign as they strived to be seen as the leading alternative to former President Donald Trump. It was a chaotic and messy two hours as the contenders took aim at President Joe Biden and jostled for time to address some top concerns among American voters. Trump, who remains the GOP’s front-runner, skipped the debate and instead delivered a speech to union workers in Michigan. Despite a handful of memorable moments, analysts say what played out on the debate stage is unlikely to change the trajectory of a GOP race in which Trump has maintained a dominant lead in national and early-state polling.
It was the usual.. In the meantime, “politics as usual” is destroying our nation and our beautiful liberty.

We covered the other clown show at the nation’s capital Wednesday night as well:

And in the meantime, President Trump rallied the American people and delivered a speech to automakers in Michigan, saying things that we know he will back up like:

“I will not allow under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES the American Automobile industry to die..I want it to thrive and thrive like never before”

Watch the whole thing.

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