GOP Rep. Pat Fallon Taking Heat for Mocking Ben Bergquam over Border Concerns

The War Room audience has been activated after comments by US Rep. Pat Fallon (R- TX) at a border press conference on Wednesday, which were directed to Real America’s Voice Ben Begruam, ignited anger and passion.

Bergquam, who has reported on the dire conditions of the border for almost a decade, was the first reporter to ask a question of the Republican Representatives who appeared with Speaker Mike Johnson. The intent was to show their concerns about the border, but what ended up happening was the group ended up conveying the opposite, just days ahead of a historic vote on funding issues that already has the American people very frustrated and alarmed.

Frontline America has reached out to Rep. Fallon’s DC office for any statement they would like to make about the events yesterday, and we will update you if we receive anything. The staff was amiable and not surprised to hear from us.

UPDATE: Rep. Fallon did respond quickly

Here is footage of what happened.

Media-ite reported :

“Can we see a show of hands who will vote to shut down the government?” asked an off-camera reporter who was quickly drowned out by a collective groan from the GOP members.

“No we’re not going to do show of hands,” Rep. Pat Fallon (R-TX) could be heard saying. “We’re not in a classroom. We’re not doing show of hands.”

Johnson replied, “Well, here’s the here’s the deal on the on the shutdown.”

“We are working hard to get the appropriations bills done and the resolve of this group and that you’ve seen with our votes in carrying over and crushing the Christmas omnibus fever, as we did with our laddered approach in the two-step C.R., we have until mid-January, you have until early February to get the approach bills done. We have been working in earnest and in good faith with the Senate and the White House virtually every day through the holiday trying to come to an agreement,” he continued, adding:

Negotiations are still ongoing. It’s dragging on way too long. But the sooner we get that agreement, the sooner we’ll be able to get the appropriations bills done.

And let me tell you what our top two priorities are right now. In summary, we want to get the border closed and secured first, and we want to make sure that we reduce non-defense discretionary spending.

That is an important objective. You know why? Because we’ve crossed the threshold of $34 trillion in debt, $34 trillion today. It’s a landmark that is unimaginable, would have been unimaginable to previous generations. And here we are. And so we have a responsibility here of fiscal stewardship and fiscal sanity.

Here is our coverage from Wednesday:

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