‘Got-Aways’ Explained and Exposed

Media reports show that the number of illegal invaders who are being allowed into the country through the open borders, after running into the countryside with no opposition, is staggering.

Law enforcement says there is a pattern of activity that happens to create a division with a large group of migrants claiming to seem asylum in one area, who take up the resources of border patrol. At the same time, not too far away, other groups charge the border and run into the countryside without any inspection at all- because everyone is busy processing people as the regime of Joe Biden has demanded.

Ben Bergquam of Real America’s Voice Law and Border exposes how the got-aways create the opportunities to break into the country with ease and why Americans should care about the anonymity they have to be undetected after, while committing crimes.

Border Reports say that got aways are ” Foreign nationals that surveillance cameras record coming over the border wall and then running off into neighborhoods or the desert.” The number of Got Aways in El Paso is 600 to 700 at times.  

Fox News reported in Jan 2023 about the numbers of got-aways:

“U.S. border agents have confirmed that 1.2 million illegal migrants “got away” from authorities while crossing the border under President Biden’s administration, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) sources told Fox News on Sunday.

CBP tracks hundreds of thousands of migrant encounters at the U.S.-Mexico Border every month. Still, that stat does not include the number of known “gotaways,” or migrants who were detected by authorities but not apprehended. Since Biden entered office in January 2021, border crossings have exploded, and at least 1.2 million migrants successfully evaded authorities.

The first half of Biden’s four-year term saw monthly border encounters rise from 101,000 in February 2021 to 251,000 in December 2022, according to CBP stats.”

And Real America’s Voice often reports on how this all happens. Here are more details from a recent report from Bergquam, who interviews a law enforcement agent in AZ and gets some inside info:

“Why’s it happening? Because this administration created that magnet.” – US Border Patrol Council VP, Art Del Cueto exposes wide open southern border on the Tohono O’odham reservation in Arizona,” Bergquam wrote setting up some footage he posted, adding:

“There are a lot of people that, unfortunately, are on the reservation that make money off of the drug cartels. They make money off of the human smuggling.” – Art Del Cueto, National Border Patrol Council VP, talks about why the Tohono O’odham Reservation in Arizona is the number one area in the country for illegal alien got-aways.”


Here is some of our past reporting on the ‘got-aways’:


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