Kari Lake Saga: Most Pronounced Failure in AZ Yet to be Discovered in Pro-Lake Districts

The left is absolutely triggered by a woman’s confidence when she does not scrape and bow on the leftist plantation of victimhood, and looking over the week’s headlines about what Kari Lake is up to, that point is clearly demonstrated. The leftist media is in an orgy this ‘Pride Month” to properly shame, mock, and humiliate Lake over her confidence that she will expose massive election corruption in Arizona.

Headlines, like the National Review, which claim that Lake “Jumped All the Sharks”, show that the media desperately wants people to see Lake as a crazy lunatic for defending election transparency on behalf of the American people.

She may be ‘crazy’ like a fox.

And just when the left thought they had shut the door on Lake’s chances to appeal to a judge and make progress on her push for integrity, the whole thing shifted in Lake’s favor again.

“Tea Leaves: The@KariLake legal team now has all the data log files for all the machines and promises even further revelations. It might be a safe bet that the machines demonstrating the most pronounced failures were wheeled out into the most Lake friendly precincts.,” Rasmussen wrote, leaving the floodgates open for a renewed excitement over Lake’s case.

No matter what the corporate media says, independent media say the real story might be, just as Rasmussen Reports stated: It is just about to get really good, pointing to the acquisition of log files by the Lake legal team.

Last week we reported that Lake had a sort of – a reversal of fortune- with a judge who both ruled that her case against Democrat Katie Hobbs and Maricopa Co election officials was shut- but then also ruled that she wasn’t wrong about why she was bringing the case when he shut down Hobb’s demands for sanctions against Lake for the case in the first place.

And then Lake announced she and her legal team had new evidence of wrongdoing from a video that went viral late last week, and because of the new evidence was filing an appeal, possibly starting the process over again.

The ebbs ad flows of Lake’s case have triggered the left in a fury over her determination. However, that determination of her’s has cemented her in the minds of the people of Arizona and nationally as a natural ‘firebrand’.

And now reports are that she is not just flying by the seat of her pants on that appeal. Lake and her legal team have new compelling information about how elections officials from voter logs to go along with the video evidence, which shows strange things under the leadership of Hobbs, knew that the electronic vote tabulators were set to fail.

Remember Katie Hobbs was Secretary of State at the time she ‘won’.

Here is how Newsweek described the timeline from late last week that got us to where we are now:

On Sunday Lake’s team released a video that they said showed “secret testing” on Maricopa County voting systems ahead of the midterms. They said “260 of 446 tabulators failed,” but were still used on election day in Republican-leaning areas.

This testing took place on October 14, 17 and 18, “after the legally required logic and accuracy test,” according to Lake’s team. It added that the faulty machines were used in November and the footage showed “the story of a sabotage.”

We wrote about that sabotage last week:

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