GRAPHIC! “Dead Bodies Litter Darien Gap”, Condoms Everywhere, Law and Border Episode Rebroadcast Sunday-US Trail of Tears

The footage that host of Law and Border, Ben Bergquam of Real America’s Voice, and his associate Michael Yon have gotten involving the people most impacted by the UN-US-driven migration of economic migrants is very graphic, disturbing, and unsettling.

Please be forewarned.

The amount of death, crimes, and human suffering that Real America’s Voice team has recorded is devastating. From their investigations into the cause of the human migration from an area in Central America called the Darien Gap, Bergquam has shown that immigration profiteers at the UN and the US Federal government are enticing people to risk their lives to get to the United States- where they are told the borders are open. So they will be provided with a free and fresh start in life.

The trail of immigration promises is littered with crimes, death, and torture- and with empty promises. Unfortunately, the American corporate media refuses to provide the American people with the truth, and many supporters of open borders believe themselves to be humanitarians- but what they support is causing devastation for poor people.

Here is more proof by courageous reporters, Bergquam and Yon:

In Bergquam’s most recent Law and Border show, which will re-air on Sunday, he interviews law enforcement in Arizona and Texas, as a build-up for his next mini-series, for Real America’s Voice on what was uncovered in Panama and Colombia.

Michael Yon tweeted out a startling bit of footage of dead bodies that were discovered during his investigations, describing what he has seen as the US “Trail of Tears”:

Bergquam also showed evidence of the exploitation of humans. Bergquam has covered many times that women and children are not warned of the dangers of making the journey to America, but they are provide condoms by a UN nonprofit- who makes money on pushing immigration- in case they are raped:

Make sure to catch the latest episode of Law and Border and watch for more details about the upcoming Darien Gap mini-series. What the media refuses to address to protect the Democrats and their disastrous immigration policies is costing people their lives.

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