“Migration is Destroying our Biodiversity!” Top Environmentalist in World Decries Biden’s Massive Immigration Schemes

A Democrat Environmentalist, educated in American Ivy League schools, who formally served as the Mayor of Panama City Panama, chimed in, in response to a recent video showing condoms strewed on the ground depicting the massive increase in human trafficking as a result of the Biden administration’s drive to push migrants from South and Central America past US open borders.

“Bestial. Brutal. Unacceptable. Hundreds of drug-cartel thugs such as these are killing, assaulting, and raping migrants every day in the Darién —and at the same time, destroying our forests and biodiversity. They control illegal human trafficking from South America to the US,” Juan Carlos Navarro posted to Ben Bergquam.

Navarro, according to media sources, was elected as one of the planet’s 100 most promising leaders by TIME magazine (1994) and as one of the key Latin American Leaders for the new Millenium by both TIME and CNN (1999), Juan Carlos Navarro is one of Panama’s prominent national figures.

Bergquam, a correspondent for Real America’s Voice and host of Law and Border, has been saying the same thing for years and years – and the corporate media has been ignoring him Bergquam has pointed out many times that the Democrats who claim to be humanitarians and good stewards of the environment are hypocrites- because the reality is their open border policies is harming the environment and hurting people.

Now we have proof from a Democrat Environmentalist who lives IN the area and who says that Bergquam has been right.

Watch Bergquam describe the situation:

According to Navarro’s Bio:

Juan Carlos Navarro founded the National Association for the Conservation of Nature (ANCON) in 1985. Navarro served as the first Environmental Ambassador of his country, appointed by the President of Panama to advise key officials, in both the public and private sectors, on national and international environmental policy on an ad honorem basis (1995-2000).

He was elected to the World Conservation Union (IUCN) as Regional Councilor for Latin America in 190, and was re-elected to that post in 1994, serving as the first Panamanian and the youngest member ever elected to the Council. Selected in 1998 as the first Inter American Conservation Fellow by The Nature Conservancy’s Center for Compatible Economic Development, with the support of the MacArthur Foundation, Navarro was the first conservation leader from the Caribbean, Latin America and the Pacific rim to be so honored. In 1998 he authored the book Panama National Parks, which was published in Madrid, Spain, and is the country’s first comprehensive text on national parks and nature reserves.

In 2014, Navarro funded Empresa Nacional de Energia Solar, S.A. (NSOLAR), one of the first and biggest solar power companies in Panama. NSOLAR has installed over 140 successful photovoltaic systems so far.[1]

Juan Carlos Navarro joined the Democratic Revolutionary Party (Partido Revolucionario Democratico, PRD) in 1998 and was originally elected Mayor of Panama City for a five-year term (1999-2004) after winning his party’s primaries (October 1998) and the general election in May 1999. He was reelected for a five-year term (2004-2009) in May 2004. He was the youngest citizen ever elected to the Mayor’s office. He was elected unanimously as the first President of the National Mayor’s Association of Panama (2001) and reelected twice for the same position (2003, 2005). Navarro also served as co-President of the Unión de Ciudades Capitales de Iberoamericanas (UCCI) together with Mayor Alvarez del Manzano of Madrid, Spain (2002).

But will Democrats ever listen to anyone about what their disastrous ideas actually do to real people and to our world?

Bergrquam frequently reports on the environmental disaster that the US open borders is causing the world’s population.

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