TESTIMONY! Growing from Open Borders: Largest Settlement for Illegal Aliens Exposed

Ben Bergquam, a correspondent for Real America’s Voice, revealed what he called the largest settlement for Illegal Aliens in the United States in Liberty County, Texas, as reported on first by Todd Bensman.

Bensman testified to Congress about the situation on Wednesday:

Townhall reported on the settlement earlier in July and wrote:

This development has been specifically marketed to illegal aliens using the trade name “Houston Terrenos,” utilizing loans that do not require proof of citizenship and allowing for third-world living conditions within the development. It consists of a mix of modest single-family homes, mobile homes, and even hastily constructed shacks.

In addition to rampant crime that often goes unreported due to the immigration status of its residents, this development has had years of deleterious effects on the nearby city of Plum Grove, waterways, and local school districts.

The change in the texture of life for long-time residents of Plum Grove and nearby parts of Liberty, San Jacinto, and Montgomery Counties has been obvious and overwhelming. Crime has exploded, recently bringing it into the national spotlight with the murder of a family of five Honduran nationals in April by an illegal alien who was previously deported to Mexico at least four times. The Gulf and Sinaloa Cartels have also had a foothold in Colony Ridge from the beginning, using the cover of the pervasive lawlessness to stage lucrative human and drug smuggling operations that expand well into American communities. 

Aside from the public safety threat, the development has had a significant environmental impact, resulting in over 40,000 gallons of wastewater and sewage contaminating nearby bayous and drainage ditches, according to a 2020 Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Investigation Report. This inadequate drainage offset has resulted in common instances of flooding and property damage during heavy rains. The local fire department has also been inundated with calls to the development due to sub-standard construction. Additionally, the lack of access roads to the community has resulted in gridlock traffic during the afternoon rush hour that would normally be found only in major urban centers.

The nearby Cleveland Independent School District (CISD) has seen an incredible transformative burden because of the influx of illegal aliens into Colony Ridge, reporting from journalist Todd Bensman shows. In just a decade, enrollment in CISD has nearly tripled from 3,693 students to 10,851. Demographic data available from Texas Academic Performance Reports indicate that in the 2011-2012 academic year students were 40.2 percent Hispanic, 45.1 percent white, and 11.6 percent black. A decade later, the school district is 85.3 percent Hispanic, and this majority is set to grow with the expansion of Colony Ridge.

Residents of Plum Grove have been fighting back, but unfortunately, their efforts have been largely unsuccessful at stopping the development’s expansion and ongoing issues. In response driven by greed, Colony Ridge developer Trey Harris has filed multiple lawsuits against the city and its former mayor, Leann Walker, most recently in 2021.

Harris and his family have donated $900,000 to Governor Abbott since 2021, and his political connections to Republican politicians in the area raise significant questions about his use of money to cover for the rampant malfeasance in Colony Ridge.

Unsurprisingly, the area’s lawmakers in the Texas Legislature are also involved. Republican State Rep. Ernest Bailes IV and Republican State Senator Robert Nichols sponsored H.B. 4341 in 2017, creating the Liberty County Municipal Management District No. 1, which lists Trey Harris as the current President.

The Liberty County Judge, Jay Knight, is a Republican and was opposed in the 2022 Republican Primary election by former Plum Grove Mayor Lee Ann Penton-Walker, who was at the forefront of local opposition to the Colony Ridge development and was named as a co-defendant in Colony Ridge’s 2021 lawsuit against the city. All of these officials have been in office for years but have done nothing to stop the development from marketing to illegal aliens or addressed the concerns of legacy residents of Plum Grove.

Bensman is on to something because there is a government giveaway of homes to illegals, according to the affordable housing center:


And at least one journalist has been exposing the similarities to what we now know is happening in the USA with foreigners- and what has happened to Israel over time:

Flashback to a 2021 article by Logan Skelow from the aclj.com:

We’ve told you how bad the conditions at our southern border continue to get since the Biden Administration established its immigration policies. The United States hit record levels for the highest amount of migrant surges in 20 years. The reality is conditions at the border are so out of control that the Biden Administration is diverting $2 billion that was meant for COVID relief to try to cover up his own mess.

In a time where immigrants are crossing the border illegally in record numbers, U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Marcia Fudge said HUD is not prioritizing U.S. citizens over illegal immigrants for public housing assistance, despite a shortage of available units following the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the opposite of former Trump Administration HUD Secretary Ben Carson who was working on putting American citizens first for public housing. According to statistics, there were about 32,000 undocumented immigrants living in public housing in 2019.

Nevertheless, the President and Vice President still haven’t even gone to visit the border to see the reality for themselves. Congress and the American people have noticed their absence and are demanding action. Rep. Ashley Hinson (IA-1) is introducing a bill that would temporarily stop taxpayer money from being used for the travel expenses of Vice President Kamala Harris until she visits the border herself and devises a game plan for solving the crisis. “

And there are already problems:

Liberty County is a county in the U.S. state of Texas. As of the 2020 census, its population was 91,628. The county seat is Liberty. It was founded in 1831, as a municipality in Mexico as Villa de la Santísima Trinidad de la Libertad by commissioner José Francisco Madero and organized as a county of the Republic of Texas in 1836. Its name was anglicized as Liberty based on the ideal of American liberty.

Bensman wrote about the alien colony for his site:

Texas Massacre Happened in America’s Largest Illegal Immigrant “Colonia” — and Major U.S. Media Won’t Say So

How at least 50,000 illegal immigrants have changed once-rural East Texas hinterlands for the worse

By Todd Bensman on May 1, 2023The land development company Terrenos Houston has successfully marketed owner-financed lots to tens of thousands of presumed illegal immigrants who cannot qualify for traditional bank loans

The land development company Terrenos Houston has successfully marketed owner-financed lots to tens of thousands of presumed illegal immigrants who cannot qualify for traditional bank loans. Owners then build shelters and homes of various kinds. Photo by Todd Bensman.

AUSTIN, Texas — A Mexican national is on the run after slaughtering a family of five Hondurans next door, including an 8-year-old child, in a small Texas town a two-hour drive east from here called Cleveland.

American news media report the murdered parents had asked their next-door neighbor to stop firing his semi-automatic rifle at 11 p.m. on April 29 because they were trying to put a baby to sleep. Two other children survived under the bodies of their parents, who died shielding them.

But what no media has yet reported is that this horrific crime happened in what is regarded as America’s largest settlement of illegal immigrants, one literally exploding in population amid a U.S.-government fomented mass migration border crisis. In Liberty County, and now spreading into neighboring San Jacinto County where the massacre occurred, old-timers have been fleeing a new diversity of violent crime, murder, all-night weapons firing, and cartel drug trafficking that has boomed alongside the population. Indifferent U.S. immigration enforcement agencies leave this area to itself.

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