TRUMP WAS RIGHT: Video of MIT Prof Surfaces ‘Little Evidence of Man-Made Climate Change’ as John Kerry Heads to Grovel to the CCP

Finally, real scientists from top schools are starting to expose the truth about the “Global Warming-Global Cooling- Climate Change” hoax that has stalled human innovation and put a stranglehold on liberty and freedom in the United States.

The following article shows that President Donald J. Trump was right all along about the massive “Climate Change Hoax” industry he so often rails against.

Just as the US ‘Special Envoy for Climate” heads to China and India to try to flex our muscles and convince them of our Climate nonsense- Americans are being shown as fools for supporting such politicized ideas about the weather. And supporters of the hoax are being shown for being anti-scientific. They are being exposed for being political charlatans.

Check out this Professor and what he has to say about the weather- to understand why the US looks so dumb on this topic:

To read more about this video and this Professor and his point of view: GO HERE

We are reminded of the video by Bergquam, a Real America’s Voice correspondent, at the same exact time as the United States is watching ‘Climate Change” Diplomacy- at the hands of the goofy Democrats falling apart.

While, the powerful governments of China and India refuse to restrict themselves to please the United States and our crazy regulations and limitations on their human progress, the administration of Democrat Joe Biden is pushing the left’s radical nonsense.

This poster, Paul Szpula, who responds to the WH nonsense, has it right about the troubles we have in the US:

The world is not as stupid as the United States. They are getting business done, building their military, and moving ahead- while America is halted by the irrational fears of “climate change,” and here is the proof, people are pushing back:

The South China Morning Post reported about Kerry, the US Special Envoy, as he was on his way to China to convince them to adopt the US drama about the weather.

Media reports show that Kerry’s pleas were not working:

John Kerry’s China trip has again exposed the limits of climate diplomacy.

Beijing wasn’t convinced by the US climate envoy’s call for ‘a new definition of cooperation’After days of talks, Kerry acknowledged ‘it’s going to take a little bit more work to break the new ground’

And in India, they chased Thunberg out of the country years ago:

Yeah- neither China nor India is not going to let John Kerry clip their wings with fake Climate concerns.

Wealthy and powerful political players, mostly Democrats, have exploited the concerns of people all over the world with their bogeyman story about the world ending over rising or lowering temperatures for decades now- and things are finally starting to make a bit of redirection on the topic as humans everywhere have had enough of the nonsense.

In the United States, led by one of the fine top crime families of Washington DC John ‘Fing’ Kerry (as he was called by the Late Rush Limbaugh), and the famous Swift Boat Veteran who is known for his treasonous behavior during the Vietnam War is seeing smarter people who are finally starting to push back on this elitist World Climate Change Czar.

Kerry, who recently testified about China and India, making excuses for them and why they are not held to the same Climate change limitations that the United States are.

America., including our military, has been strangled by the same “Climate change” policies that allow China and India to behave without all of the restrictive ‘Climate Change” rules and regulations- giving them a powerful edge over the United States.

China’s military is not under the same ‘woke’ weather and transgenderism restrictions to build their war time capabilities as the US is- and that is something that mature and grown up people understand.

Here is Kerry talking to US Rep Darrell Issa (R-CA) at a July hearing on Climate Change, talking about why China is not listening to him:


It appears to only be America and the voters who support Democrats, who are naive enough to push the disastrous Climate Change regulations on humanity.

Kerry told the Hindu Times that Americans are strapped into the idea of Climate change and no one can ever walk it back:

According to United States Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, John Kerry, no future American President can walk back from climate change commitments now. Mr. Kerry has blamed former U.S. President Donald Trump for walking out on the Paris agreement and rescinding climate financing offers. In an interview to The Hindu, Mr. Kerry, who is in India for a G20 meeting on climate change issues, said he was still hopeful about a consensus statement, but wouldn’t commit to the U.S. compromising over language on the Ukraine war in order to reach such a consensus.

However, President Donald J. Trump appears to not be paying along and CNN is freaking out about it in this report:

Trump keeps using wildly inaccurate figures to minimize the threat of climate change.

Trump, now a presidential candidate, has argued in speeches and interviews that the risk of nuclear war is a much more important issue than climate change. He is entitled to his opinion. But he has repeatedly defended that opinion by citing imaginary statistics on the extent to which sea levels are expected to rise in the future.

In a Fox interview this month, Trump echoed a claim he made in his campaign launch speech in November. He said on Fox: “When I listen to people talk about global warming, that the ocean will rise, in the next 300 years, by 1/8th of an inch – and they talk about, ‘This is our problem.’ Our big problem is nuclear warming, but nobody even talks about it. The environmentalists talk about all this nonsense.”

Trump is one of the few politicians brave enough to speak the truth.

Editor’s Note: This is an opinion piece reflecting the opinion of the author alone

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