Haley Out! Trump Leads with 995 Delegates, Now Lone Survivor for GOP Nod

News broke first thing Wednesday morning that Nikki Haley was tapping out of the Presidential race after a MAGA Trump blowout on Super Tuesday.

It was all too much for Haley to handle.

CNN’s Kylie Atwood reported:

“Nikki Haley will not announce today that she is endorsing former President Donald Trump, sources familiar with her plans tell CNN.

Instead, Haley will call on Trump to earn the support of voters who backed her. That plan appears to leave room for her to endorse Trump before the general election in November.

Haley will announce that she is withdrawing from the Republican presidential race today, according to sources familiar with her plans. She is speaking in Charleston, South Carolina, at 10 a.m. ET. ” 

It was no secret that Haley would likely withdraw after Trump gave his opposition a “romping,” as a CNN anchor called it Tuesday night upon reading Trump’s returns and who talked about Trump’s dominance despite the fierce opposition to his candidacy:

After Donald J. Trump won in several key states on Super Tuesday, including Texas and California, Nikki Haley was anticipated to withdraw from the presidential race. Trump’s widespread victories solidified his path to the Republican Party’s nomination, showcasing his dominance nationwide.

Despite some vulnerabilities in suburban areas, Trump’s momentum remains unstoppable. Haley secured victories in Vermont and Washington, D.C., but Trump’s landslide wins overshadowed her campaign.

Trump’s strategic campaigning in battleground states further bolstered his position. He celebrated his victories at Mar-a-Lago, emphasizing the significance of the night and the likelihood of securing the nomination soon, possibly by March 12 or March 19.

Ben Bergquam appeared on Real America’s Voice Tuesday night to describe the Haley voters he interviewed, saying that some of the Haley primary voters were Democrats, a phenomenon that has been reported about Haley’s supporters since the beginning of the Primary process.

Bergquam talked about voters who support political figures, like Haley, without considering their policies or actions, attributing it to spiritual or ignorance factors.

And concerning President Trump, Bergquam suggests that perceived negativity for him personally often outweighs informed decision-making for many voters.

As for Democrats,

Joe Biden is projected to lose a race … in American Samoa.

Biden swept every race, except the Democratic caucus in this US territory. A little known candidate called Jason Palmer has snagged the lead, according to the local Democratic party.

Palmer, an educational technology entrepreneur, won 51 of the territory’s 91 delegates, while Biden won 40.

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