Into the Heart of Desperation: Bergquam’s Journey Through the Darien Gap

Ben Bergquam, host of Real America’s Voice, Law and Border, has been investigating migration patterns in this treacherous stretch of wilderness between Colombia and Panama called The Darien Gap.

His most recent broadcast from the area feels tragic.

Amidst the cacophony of wildlife and the oppressive humidity, Bergquam found a small, lone object dangling from a low-hanging branch. It was a shoe, weathered and worn, its tiny size hinting at the innocence of the feet it once adorned.

Bergquam spke about his recent discovery – a chilling reminder of the perilous journey countless migrants undertook, including many vulnerable people, which obviously stirred a mixture of empathy and despair within him.

In the video he shows the Hellish terrain that people must navigate, and he talked how he witnessed an elderly person being guided through the tangled undergrowth by hired hands.

Bergquam talked about the journey through the Darien Gap from the perspective of someone so small and fragile, like the child whose shoe now hung as a haunting testament to the dangers of migration.

In the video he also talked about the desperation that drove people to embark on such perilous journeys and questioned whether the people who are making profits on the massive human migration were concerned about the vulnerable.

In the video there is a sense that false promises of a better life in the United States, whispered by opportunistic smugglers, lured people into the clutches of danger and uncertainty.

Bergquam talked about his findings with a heavy heart, and contemplated the lengths to which individuals would go in search of a better future, only to find themselves ensnared in a web of exploitation and deception.

In the video he shows a woman carrying a small infant in a sling, wondering how she will make it alive through the deadly area.

As he continued his investigation, he vowed to shed light on the human stories hidden within the depths of the Darien Gap, to give voice to those whose struggles were too often overlooked or ignored and to expose the profiteers who are leading so many people into misery.

For in their stories lay the truth of migration.


Oscar El Blue Ramirez, a fellow Real America’s Voice correspondent recently posted a more lengthy video of the deadly jungle area that also showed the tragedy of pushing human migration:

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