Hillary Clinton Is Afraid Her Cultural Revolution Is Over, Still Doesn’t Know That America Is A Republic

One thing about Hillary Clinton is that she never apologizes for being wrong.  Nothing can change her corrupted mind about anything, even when she is clearly and demonstratively wrong. This is the perfect time to understand that about the grand Marxist leader.

“We have to hold people accountable when they threaten our way of life, who threaten our Democracy. There is a plot against our country against our progress,” Hillary Clinton said recently in an interview.

Clinton believes that the United States is being terrorized by people who want to’ turn the back time’ and keep our Republic. She is worried about losing the “Cultural changes” of the Marxist cultural revolution she has been instrumental in seeing unfold.

Key Point:  Clinton is a long-time Marxist who idolizes the Communist Cultural Revolution.

Key Point: The United States is the Representative Republic. We have a Constitution that gives citizens power over the government, so we elect civil servants to represent what we want.  Some people say we are a Constitutional Republic. Some people say we are a Constitutional-Representative Republic.  What we are not is a Democracy.  No matter how many times leftists like Saul Alinksy lover- Clinton- says that we are a Democracy- we are not.

Look at Clinton, the former Arkansas first lady, former First lady of the United States, former Senator from New York, former Secretary of State and twice failed Presidential candidate- talk about this beautiful country like we are a “Democracy”.

She still doesn’t understand the United States of America. She believes her fight is against Americans who “cling” to our way of life- to our beautiful Republic that gives us power over elite monsters like herself.

Key Point: Why is it important for people to understand our system?  Because citizens are not represented in a Democracy.  Mobs are represented.  That means Black Lives Matter movement means something.. get it? Whoever bullies and screams more in a Democracy- is honored for their bully power.

In a Republic that is not the case. But we have to elect people who respect our system. That is the problem.

So in Clinton’s demented mind, she is the savior of a group of people who are literally under attack by other people, who believe as she does that she is fighting for a Democracy- so they can have their way.

Democrats have never accepted that we are a Republic.

In a Democracy, leaders, as seen recently in Australia can have their way- no matter what the population wants.  They have ultimate control, authority and power. Australia is a Representative Democracy.

In this political system, eligible people vote for candidates to carry out the business of governing on their behalf. Australia’s system of government—its institutions and practices—reflect British and North American traditions combined in a way that is uniquely Australian.

In a Representative Republic, the American people are supposed to contact their representatives and tell them how to vote about such matters as Federal government control over our lives.

Can you spot the nuance?  In New Zealand people are elected to do the people’s bidding by deciding what they want to do, in a Representative Republic, people are elected to listen to the people.

New Zealand is a representative democracy, with a Parliament consisting of members who represent the voters who elected them. This is true of legislatures (parliaments) in all modern democracies. Generally speaking, voters’ views are considered and acted on indirectly by their members of Parliament.


Yet, how far removed is America from New Zealand?


But something drove Clinton out from the shadows to preach her insane need for a revolution in the streets of America.

How far removed is Hillary Clinton from treating the people of the United States of America, as if she was the queen of a Democracy?

Americans need to understand what are trying to conserve and protect before the next Hillary Clinton comes along. 2022 is right around the corner. Democrats do not respect our Republic. Period.

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