HOT NEWS! Bergquam Talks To Ted Nugent About His New Real Americas Voice Show

The hits keep coming about the soon-to-be-unveiled lineup of awesome programing at Real Americas Voice- and you do not want to miss these great patriots and their coverage of the real news and events that have been suppressed by the left for such a long time!

The most recent addition to Real Americas Voice is the “Motor City Madman” musician and political pundit- Ted Nugent.

Real Americas Voice can be found at:

“Can’t wait! Ted Nugent joining @RealAmVoice with his show Spirit Campfire. There is a war raging in America between good and evil and it’s up to each one of us to do our part to defeat the evil! It’s time for patriots to unite,” Ben Bergquam, founder of Frontline America and investigative reporter for Real Americas Voice posted on Saturday.

“It breaks my heart too! “Number one enemy of America: Uncle Sam.” – Ted Nugent, Spirit Campfire. From the border where Joe Biden and the Democrats have sold out America. With Women Fighting for America and Veterans for America First,” Bergquam wrote.

Watch here for more details and please share!

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