Huge Kari Lake Billboard In Phoenix: Patriot Gives Himself a Unique Birthday Present

A Patriot named Scott Olsen, who loves Arizona and the United States of America, gave himself a giant huge, 60-foot high and 20-foot wide billboard as a gift on Monday to tell the world about his passion for encouraging and lifting Kari Lake, who is a significant person to him. Lake’s special supporter told Frontline that he wanted to do everything he could to send Lake a message of encouragement because he believes her steadfast determination and leadership is what will help save the nation.

The Billboard’s message seems simple to some, “God Bless Kari Lake”, but it is everything to the supporters who believe in Kari Lake’s service to the United States.

“It was a Birthday present to me to put that up there and then call her and tell her about it,” Olsen said about the unique column billboard. Olsen went on and told Frontline America about the great location, ” people see when they are coming from Tuscon and just entering Phoenix. There is a bottleneck there, and the message and billboard are one of a kind. They can’t miss it.”

Real Estate and position is everything- but so is the message behind the gesture.

“I believe that the critical thing to say to the public about this billboard is that we all must do something now—some leaders like Kari, whose beliefs and philosophy remind me of Donald Trump need to know we are there for them. When I first heard Kari speak, I was shocked because she was saying what I thought. And I want her to know that people support her that much.”

Olsen has met with Lake many times, but he kept his birthday present a surprise, so she didn’t know until she got the call about it- to go and look.

“I ended up meeting her through contacts I had working on from President Trump’s finance Committee, and I have the same strong feeling about her as I have about Trump; I know that she has a strong future,” he said.

Olsen is a determined supporter.

“This is my second billboard. My first billboard was in 1-10 Phoenix and got a million views daily. My first billboard was of a retro- flashback photo of Kari, like roise the riveter- with her arm rolled up to get to work. I just think that she is that iconic.”

Lake and her team got the call and went to see the billboard, posting about it on their War Room timeline.

Olsen has been in the billboard business for 17 years, so he knows the best locations.

He sees Lake as the kind of leader he wants in power, to lead the nation at a time when he feels many people have lost their way.

Olsen has a strong faith, which is the foundation for the message, the location, and the purpose of his Birthday Gift.

The contact for the billboard is America@2Chronicles714.Net

Motivated by the Bible verse: 2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

That is what Olsen wants.

Lake tweeted about the billboard with a closer view:

“I just wanted to get behind her and tell her we are with her. My message is- and I think people feel the same way- is that everyone can do something to a part of the solution for the country. Kari takes a beating to do the right thing and stand for what is right.. and I and thankful to her for doing that,” he said.

Talking about the other great America First leaders in the state, some in office, he said: “They all work together, and that is the hope we need to see- they have worked so hard. I think Wendy Rodgers had put 350,000 miles on her car- and we need to help the leaders who are sold out for us. It is hard to talk about because it seems that no one believes the election is fair here. So we are motivated by the unfairness,, but also our passion for getting the right person in the office and that person is Kari Lake.”

“I think the messages and the billboard reflect what so many other people feel- and people love the billboard- it took off on social media- my purpose was to state to do my part- and have fun while doing it.”

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