New Law and Border: Gripping Real America’s Voice Exclusive Footage will Shock Viewers

The next episode of Law and Border on Real America’s Voice will air on Real America’s Voice ap on Saturday, April 15 at 8 PM Eastern. The show will have exclusive and gripping stories about the invasion of economic migrants entering the United States.

The show also explores the origins of the massive human migrations around the globe, showing how the US Government is both betraying our allies- by drawing people through people’s homelands and damaging our national security by destroying the normal immigration process.

Ben Bergquam, the courageous host of the show, appeared on Friday’s War Room host Steve Bannon to talk about the next episode of his series, which promises to be intriguing, showing the real-world impact of Joe Biden’s open borders.

Bergquam said he would show how the situation at the southern border of the US affects many countries and people from around the world.

Patriotic musician Dave Bray narrates the episodes. Bergquam said Sunday night’s episode will be a continuation of the storyline from the last episode focusing on illegal aliens and the number of deaths of migrants in LaJoya, Texas, and around Arizona.

Viewers will see the morgues and the criminal activity, as described by the local law enforcement in both states, building up as a prelude to a Law and Border miniseries that will include Bergquam’s recent trek through Central America as he traveled a dangerous path with Panama’s law enforcement security detail, Senafront.

Bergquam will highlight his extensive experiences in the very region of Panama City and the Darien Gap, where Joe Biden sent his administration.

There is much to come for the Law and Border series, he told Bannon. What Bergquam covers for Real America’s Voice and the War Room will not be covered anywhere else. These are exclusive interviews and exclusive reporting.

“All of this stuff is connected,” Bergquam told Bannon about what he has seen unfolding in other nations with top news and how governments are behaving, including how the drug cartels are ruling over borders.

Bergquam has a specialty in studying how the leftist Nongovernment Organizations (NGO) and nonprofits have created a sort of shadow government to assist the UN in their Globalist Pac to invade the US.

‘ We are paying for our own national suicide through these tentacles of the globalist communist left through these nonprofits. We are paying for it- with our own government taking money from our pockets and giving it to our enemies,” Bergquam told Bannon.

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