HUGE LINE for Trump Nevada Caucus: Unique Dual-Contest Dynamics as Haley Vies for MAGA Votes , Legal Disputes Break Out

The 2024 Republican Nevada caucus and primary presented a unique situation with two separate contests, one featuring President Donald J. Trump and the other for Nikki Haley.

Real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergguam reported live on the scene at a recent voters rally in Las Vegas to highlight the massive momentum for Trump versus Haley or Democrat Joe Biden.

In the video, Bergquam documented the massive and enthusiastic crowd who gathered on Saturday, highlighting the long line of supporters waiting to hear Trump speak that day.

The video captures the energy, diverse backgrounds, and strong support for President Trump, with Bergquam expressing admiration for the attendees and emphasizing the contrast with challenges faced by Joe Biden.

Here is what the lapdog media doesn’t want you to see, the enthusiasm for President Trump that shows no end in sight- just as long as this line:

Here is what is unfolding:

Legal disputes and political maneuvering have led to a state-run primary on Feb. 6, where Haley is on the ballot, and a caucus on Feb. 8, organized by the Nevada Republican Party, with only Trump on the ballot.

Despite the primary outcome, only candidates in the caucus can compete for the state’s 26 delegates, virtually assuring Trump’s victory.

This dual-ballot scenario stems from a conflict between the state Republican Party and a 2021 state law mandating a primary. Nevada, aiming to move up in the nominating calendar, initially succeeded by securing the third spot in the nation to vote. However, the Trump-friendly state party insisted on a caucus favoring Trump and barred candidates from participating in both events. While Nevada achieved its desired position, the contest is overshadowed, with limited campaign activity and media attention.

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