Illegals Behind the Curtain: Chicago Falls Apart, Border Crisis Consumes Resouces and Escalates Fear in Population

There is a dark and escalating fear in the US population that stems from a growing awareness of the consequences of our unsecured border, raising concerns in US minds about their safety, our national security, and the potential consequences of inadequate border control measures on their families and communities.

Ben Bergquam, a correspondent for Real America’s Voice, recently expressed frustration with the situation at a Chicagoa bus terminal where he claim that the entire area is filled with illegal immigrants.

Bergquam criticized Democrat Joe Biden, for allowing the dangerous situation to happen and claimed that the situation is only getting worse and he called for President Donald J. Trump to address the issue.

Chicago has been exposed as a hotbed of hostile military aged men from foreign countries. Independent News media is showing how even Democrats, Progressives and Moderates are growing more and more uncomfortable with the transformation of the own cities and towns.

We know from even the MSM that attitudes are shifting away from open borders.

Illinois House of Representatives candidate Andre Smith, a Democrat and founder of Chicago Against Violence, has called for the recall of Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson due to the escalating migrant crisis in the city.

Smith, while acknowledging his Democratic affiliation, criticizes Mayor Johnson for lacking a plan and causing panic amid the crisis. He asserts that residents feel neglected and voiceless, accusing the mayor of not allowing them to decide on the city’s status as a sanctuary city.

The influx of migrants in Chicago over the past several months is linked to actions by some Republican governors, like Greg Abbott of Texas, who sent migrants to the city. Smith supports border closure and recalls approximately 34,000 migrants arriving since August 2022. The city has responded by establishing temporary shelters and providing case management for new arrivals to facilitate resettlement.

Real America’s Voice Ben Bergquam reported live from Chicago just days ago and interviewed a woman who sounds somewhat progressive, who described herself as a “moderate” and who shared her concerns about what was happening at a city center full of foreigned invaders.

Bergquam even spoke with one man who bragged about being a military member from Venuzealla.


Bergquam concluded his report reminding people they need to go and vote:

“So sick of it guys. I’m so sick. of it. That’s why we have to reelect President Trump. Doesn’t matter what lie they make up about him. It doesn’t matter what next indictment or fraud indictment they bring up. It doesn’t matter what fraud Impeachment.

It doesn’t matter what Russia hoax they bring up again, it’s all lies and they know it because they know that if President Trump’s back in there, they’re out. Not just the illegals here but the people that are aiding and abetting the destruction of our country.”

Bergquam is on to something as Trump spoke recently and talked about his first day in office, and the largest mass deportation in history- to clean our country up again:

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We know from Bergquam’s recent reporting that there is definaelty immigration fraud happening:

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