IGNITING CHANGE: The Power of the Forgotten Man- Story of Nigel Farage [VIDEO]

“We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”― Benjamin Franklin

The War Room program with host Steve Bannon is leaving an unconventional impression in the minds of American voters ahead of the extraordinary 2024 campaign cycle.

And he hosts unconventional heroes who have made big changes for human liberty around the globe. In Bannon’s style, he highlights the simplicity of the individual who has achieved great things. Bannon is not the typical political pundit- he is full of lofty ideals and goals about freedom. He is a warrior, and he is a dreamer.

The War Room is a daily adventure in how far Bannon will reach out to the stars and pluck a theme to remind others of how great life could be if someone like them- would just push themselves to believe they could be a change agent for good- from where they are- with what they have.

Daily, Bannon appears to his audience weaving stories together with details of insider secret meetings at the US Capitol.

This week, Bannon is talking about the looming impeachment of Democrat Joe Biden, but not stopping for a moment, tying everything together with the out-of-control power grabs and spending sprees that have caused such damage to the American Republic.

Bannon has been pressuring Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), to be more of a hero to the people by demanding spending cuts. However, McCarthy is not listening.

McCarthy this week threw Biden’s impeachment out to sort of distract people from his failure to keep his promise of cutting government spending.

McCarthy, it seems, just can’t handle doing the hard work it will take to be that powerful figure like Bannon. Not everyone is cut out to be an American hero, after all.

For his part, Bannon has taken an epic journey with his War Room fans to build an understanding of the power and money structures in DC so that those people whom he calls the ‘forgotten men and women’ can reclaim some justice over their lives and get DC back under control.

Digital currency is a monster in the room that concerns people all over the world. Bannon talks about it quite a bit.

And Bannon’s counterpart in Britain has been doing the same sort of work. That was the theme Bannon plucked for Thursday.

Bannon clearly wants his audience to take those corrupt systems down and take power away from the elite who have controlled politics for so long. Reminding his audience that they do have the power and authority to do such things.

And that is what makes Bannon dangerous to the administrative state. The whole story is like some kind of epic Robinhood.

Not every leader hates Bannon for spreading such information. British revolutionary figure Nigel Farage is right there with Bannon, telling Brits the same things, and he has a long history of inspiring others to reach further and demand more indepence.

According to his bio, 59-year-old Farage is a British broadcaster and former politician who was the Leader of the UK Independence Party from 2006 to 2009 and from 2010 to 2016 and Leader of the Brexit Party from 2019 to 2021.

In a recent interview, when asked by the Guardian how he viewed the moment he found himself in- in 2023-, more than five years since Brexit, Nigel told the outlet:

“I think I happened to have a position on a major constitutional issue. There was a tiny minority position, which I helped turn into a majority position. But, you know, it was 52/48 and a lot of people did not like me for doing it. I also think that I suffered, honestly, some unfair press.

“I think some of the race stuff that was said did poison people’s minds,” he added, in an apparent reference to accusations that he had incited racial hatred with an anti-migrant poster unveiled during the EU referendum campaign.

“But I am now absolutely committed to being a champion for the voiceless out there. If we can all join hands I would be delighted.”

Thursday, Bannon had Farage on the program to remind Americans that they, too can do hard things for freedom and independence- but it all has to start with understanding the money issues first and then the impeachment issues in DC. And mostly it all has to start with believing they have the power to make the changes they want.

Because really- these two can not do everything alone.

“Compare Nigel Farage to Kevin McCarthy – Farage walked around to these small meetings for years and years because he had an actionable idea, and it was the thought that the British people could take their independence back. He was mocked and dismissed, and then he won,” Bannon said about Farage, hinting to his War Room audience that they should understand the magnitude of what Farage had accomplished for the British people.

During the Farage interview, Bannon told his audience that the time was now for them to think about ways to rise up and be the same kind of leader that Farage was, and this time do it for the American Republic.

“That sort of action, like Nigel, is what we need here- we need to support the men and women who won’t back down in DC,” Bannon said, giving Farage the floor to talk about several money issues that concern both the Britians and Americans.

Farage gave Americans the same advice he shows his fellow Brits- that is, they need to do something.

After describing what sounds like insurmountable hurdles to freedom, as large governments start to control banking and start to close in on the forgotten men and women of both countries, Bannon and Farage encourage them all toward full activism to change the usurpations of their respective nations.

“Half of your elected representatives don’t know these things about the banks and other issues you care about, so you must call them and tell them. We need to lobby people and vote them out if they won’t listen. The biggest battle is now about the freedom of the individual and the big state,” Farage told Bannon’s War Room audience.

And doesn’t that sound like what Bannon tells Americans about the administrative state?

So Thursday’s theme was two Populists, one British and one American, who are united Globally in their desire to liberate humans so they can be free. It is actually an amazing and historic thing to witness.

The interview below was quite inspirational. These are really historic times and they happen every day in the War Room.

Find Farage on YouTube.

Watch Farage and Bannon:

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