INCREDIBLE! Rev Calls For God To: “Impede All Attempts To Burden Godly Consciences With Unjust Laws,” At Mich. Trump Rally

On Saturday people in Warren Michigan gathered to hear President Donald Trump and his endorsed Michigan candidates running for office in November.

Kicking off the special event was the senior pastor at Our Savior Evangelical Lutheran Church, Christopher Thoma, who gave an incredible invocation.

WATCH At 4:09:00:

Rev. Thoma said:

If you are able, let us rise for prayer in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen! Almighty and most merciful God, your holy word teaches that all authority begins and ends with you. And so you are the Divine author of Earthly governance; your word reveals that you do this, as you employ, men and women for service within the three estates of the church, the family, and the civil government- not ordaining for anyone within these domains to use them as tools of self privilege or tyranny, but instead for the well-being and protection of those, they serve.

Continue to raise up among us servants who are mindful of this name, those who will stand as President. Trump has stood.

Let them seek to preserve religious liberty, desiring to maintain the freedom to live, peaceful and quiet lives according to the doctrines of faith. Use them to impede, all attempts, to burden, Godly consciences with unjust laws, employ them as ramparts against anyone who would confuse the objective truths of your natural law demonstrated quite clearly in human sexuality.

Restore among us the authority of parents and the admiration of family, reminding all in our nation of this holiest state’s role as the most powerful agent for a free society, stability, and longevity within these same ranks, let children be cherished and protected.

Let our girls be girls in our boys be boys. Unravel the wicked agenda that calls an unborn child, a mistake, a tragedy, and inconveniences a nonperson, whose life as inconsequential. Step forth we pray and crush the absolute devilry of proposal three- the effort to memorialize in Michigan’s Constitution the unrestricted slaughter of The unborn.

Use us to wipe this ungodliness clean from Michigan’s history convert and convince all leaders away from such atrocities born of radical individualism.

The worship of self as the first and last of all things, a false Liberty, that emerges when a nation is divided from your moral and your natural law hear us. We pray cast, the bright beams. 

Your Love upon this Gathering bless and protect all in attendance, and equip us with the desire and patience to pray for all in need, especially those suffering the effects of hurricane Ian.

Assign to each of us now an unfixable resolve to stand and support those candidates in alignment with your will and pit us mightily against those who are not by your Holy Spirit. Grant us the courage to act when action is required and by the same courage lead, all of us to sunlit horizons.

And that would see this state and nation known among the ranks of Heaven, as good, as all of mankind, dwells in sin and his Unworthy of your help, still the gospel of the life death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, for the Salvation of the world,

Herald your great love for all. And so we, even now we implore you with contrite hearts confident that you will hear , mindful that you will work for the good of those who love you, who are called according to your purpose and we are called, we pray these things to the merits and to Jesus- the Son of God, Jesus Christ, the only Savior and only savior from sin, and the only way of eternal life- who lives and reigns with the Father and the Holy Spirit -one God now and forever.


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