INCREDIBLE TUNES Behind the Scenes On the Road With Ben Bergquam To Save America

Ben Bergquam posted a video on Saturday that gave a little behind-the-scenes flavor of what is happening on his bus tour to Save America, with Real America’s Voice, and his two associates, Dave Bray and Jeremy Herrell.

“This is their first colaboration on this song to perfomr together live, ” Bergquam said about the pair. And wow! What a great song. it will be an epic call to action for MAGA, and you heard it here first on Frontline with Ben Bergquam. Great hip hop action.


” You say you love this country, you say you really care-I don’t see love anywhere. They say America is dying, but there is still a lot to be said. We have a media that lies and left-wing nut jobs crying all of the time. Let me talk about why I did it. We lost our hearts and forgot about God, let’s bring him back. This is freedom’s last chance.”

Lyrics will resonate with Americans who have just had enough of Marxism and are no longer afraid to call people out about it.

Bray is a musician who has albums full of patriotic music for Americans, and Herrell is the main sponsor and co-host of the bus tour, a journalist, and the man behind, Build a Wall, known as the Hip Hop Patriot.


Bergquam show how to fly the Commie-Skies with “Masky pads” and My Pillow:

“Live performance of “America is Dying!” On the #SaveAmerica #FreedomTour bus!” Bergquam reported.

You have to watch, and please share.


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