Surprising Interview Of Cartel Member “100 People Cross A Day And Pay Mucho Money”

Ben Bergquam had a unique opportunity to talk to a Cartel Member while on the border of Mexico who gave him some intimate details about working with the Cartel.

“Breaking: Julio Cesar swims over from Piedras Negras and says he works for the cartel…” Bergquam wrote describing the video.

“It is so easy. Just a little 20 second swin accorss the river. He is in international waters, and he knows not to set foot on the banks. He came over to talk to us,” Bergquam said.

“What happens if someone doesn’t pay. It’s not good?” Bergquam asked. Ceasar confrmed, “not good.”

“How many people cross a day?” Bergquam asked. “About a hundred,” Ceasar said.


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