Another Group Of Biden Supporters Walking Into America From Cuba [VIDEO]

Ben Bergquam the founder of Frontline America filmed a number of people crossing the border of America, walking down the road in flip flops and casual shoes, carrying red bags. The group was asked in Spanish if they spoke English and they said they did not.

“Cuban Biden supports just out for a walk in Del Rio Texas after illegally crossing into our country!,” Bergquam wrote, describing the video.

The men Bergquam was with recognized a familiar red bag, as if the bags were waiting for them provisons of some sort for crossing.

“They have the same red bags,” Bergquam is heard saying. “This is just another group. This kind of crossing happens all day, everyday,” he said.

When the group was asked if they supported Biden the group smiled and gave thumbs up. Bergquam often talks about the government policies that are making it lucrative for people to travel through numerous countries to get to America where they will be treated to many benefits that American citizens do not get.


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