Is NC School Survey Data Linked To Mental Health And Juvenile Justice Experimentations? You Decide

Orange County, North Carolina School District is what is considered to be an extreme far-left district due to their focus on Equity training, focus on sexuality for children,  Culturally Responsive Teaching style and their promotion of alternative lifestyles and gender issues. 

The nerve center of instruction at the school appears to be  through their equity department demands for student data that appear to be fueling inexperienced outside groups, who are partnered with the school to learn topics like about mental illness and criminal court.

And possibly to help new clinicians experiment and build the database.

I will lay it out- you decide.

From their department of Equity, here is a recent survey that will be given to children, as the school plans to track their progress from year to year, in achieving what they call “Equity”.

Consider if you believe all students will answer these questions honestly, and what would be the ramifications if they do answer these questions honestly and they don’t affirm the school officials’ choices of pushing social justice? 

Many parents in the Orange County School district, and in other counties in North Carolina, are not at all comfortable with many of these questions:

According to the school district’s page, Orange County First, School officials are tracking student’s data, including answers to these quesions for their Equity Task Force.  The data is to help achieve the following:

Achieving Equity in School Discipline

  • Restorative Justice Practices Training for all staff and implementation plans for students schoolwide  
  • Rewriting of the Student Code of Conduct -focused on Equity and the use of Restorative Practices-  to be completed by the Spring of 2019 
  • Criminal Court Diversion Plans
    • Misdemeanor Diversion Plan
    • Teen Court
    • Youth Planning Conferences partnered with the Juvenile Court Liaison
    • Truancy Court
  • Child Planning Conferences
    • DSS
    • Students and Family
  • School Resource Officer Agreement

Community Partnerships

  • Equity Task Force Team includes community leaders,parents, and School system staff to advise the school system on equity-related issues, concerns, and initiatives
  • EL Futuro: provides specializes in providing bilingual mental health services to Latino immigrant families.
  • Renaissance Wellness Services: school-based mental health services for children in Orange County Schools
  • Insight Human Services: provides outpatient services to teens and adolescents related to substance misuse; to include, drugs or alcohol.  Intervention programs include but not limited to drug education and recidivism reduction services.
  • Boomerang: a structured day program that provides an alternative to short term out of school suspensions.
  • Orange Congregations in Mission (OCIM): a private, non-profit ministry that provides samaritain relief to families in Orange County
  • PORCH Hillsborough: is a  hunger relief organization that helps families who are faced with food insecurities through donations and food collections. Two specific programs: Food for Schools program provides nutritious snacks to each of the 13 Orange County Schools and Food for Families program that delivers fresh produce to needy families
  • Weaver Street Roundups: proceeds go towards providing produce and staples to families in Orange County Schools who face food insecurities. In addition to providing healthy food to assist families during winter, spring and summer breaks.
  • Department of Juvenile Justice: provides intake and supervision for undisciplined, at-risk and delinquent youth. Youth often receive diversion plans  and community service in lieu of formal court intervention.
  • Dispute Settlement Center: community resource that provides mediation, conflict resolution and offers restorative justice program
  • Department of Social Services: provides protection to vulnerable children who may experience abuse, neglect or dependency and support to low income individuals
  • Orange Partnership for Drug and Alcohol Free Youth
  • Adolescent Parenting Program program designed for teens under the age of 19 who are pregnant and or parenting, who want support achieving goals such as graduating high school and attending college. Students build strong foundations to support them to become
  • Movement of Youth Mentoring Program: provides college aged mentors that work with students around being drug and alcohol free, graduating High School and attending College. Youth often receive time to work with mentors, college application support and college visits.
  • Orange County Health Department provide support students around dental hygiene and smoking cessation programs in lieu of short term suspension for first time offenses.


Rennasiance Wellness Center has one, 1 star rating on their Facebook page, which includes a shocking admission that they are placing children with clinicans just out of Grad school. Would you consider that a type of experienmentation?


“There is such a high turnover of counselors. Every time my grandson gets used to one counselor and starts to confide in them and starts to make progress, the counselor ends up quitting. And it isn’t because the counselors don’t care, it is because of the way this office is being managed at the top. They need to stop running off these qualified and amazing counselors! My grandson has had five counselors in the past three and a half years. Soon to be six now because his fifth counselor is leaving this week,” Sherry Corbett reported on the page. 
Renaissance responds:
  • Renaissance Wellness Services, LLC

    Unfortunately, you are correct that there is high turnover at that particular school. As an agency who offers opportunities to young clinicians right out of graduate school we do our best at providing them training and experience prior to reaching full licensure status. At that point, many clinicians do decide to go out on their own or into private practices. We hope you take the opportunity and respond to our attempts at reaching out to you

And, according to this survey and the website- this data is being collected and co-mingled with the following community members:

The task force will provide direction and support to the Superintendent and his Senior Staff to ensure equity and excellence in each of our schools through the implementation of research-based strategies, with the goal of ensuring academic success and the social and emotional development of each child in Orange County Schools. 

WOW!  What an admission! 

And look at what else is on the Organce County School Site, they are admit they are including other people into the Equity Program who should not be there:

To ensure that diverse and multiple perspectives are represented on the task force, the group will include representation of:

  • Families
  • Community members
  • Higher Education
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • School Administrators
  • District Administrators

It is Shocking!

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