Is Sadism in LGBTQ? Pride Month Makes Businesses Take Massive Humilating Beating in Public

Pride month is all about punishment and sexual fetishes- and for many Americans, the time has come to simply say they have had enough of the obsession over gender and sexual choices.

We don’t all consent. And that may be what is so delicious to the LGBTQ communities and their allies. And companies are being humiliated in public and that may also be what is so attractive about this movement from the ‘anti-capitalists’.

Remember, these are the people who brought you- Occupy Wall Street. Duh…

Even gays are sick of the movement.

So-June first is here, and just as social media users were enjoying their interactions with people, posts without having to focus on the gentle feelings of some LGBTQ people who need to be constantly affirmed by strangers, posts started from their favorite corporations with messages of how proud they were to be inclusive to the LGBTQ communities. Great PR, right?

No. Because Americans have reached a tipping point if math means anything anymore.

Sure, Social Justice warriors were ready to pounce on any poster that showed they didn’t have tolerance for sexual messages, which turned to mayhem in the threads. The cyber tactics to control and dominate people’s free speech may have worked online, but did it help the companies build their businesses?

It seems like the social justice movement never takes into account that they can not make people spend their money on the movement to push sexual fetishes and alternative sexual identities. At least not yet.

If they can have their Marxist fantasies come true- a social scoring tattooed on every American for proper humiliation, they will have everything they ever wanted. We are headed there.

One thing that is obvious from the social posts is that the topic of LGBTQ plus stirs up hatred and anger from the left, who have no tolerance for anyone questioning their domination and control and their need to be worshiped.

It all sort of sounds like the abusive sex fantasies of some very unhealthy people.

According to left-leaning media reports, the largest “Pride Gathering” in the country was estimated to be 5 million people. It is abusive to force Americans to worship these people with constant hourly reminders, around the clock and the calendar, that they are having sex. No one cares- but the community wants to be adored and obeyed constantly for having sex.

It is enough to drive people away. But forcing them to affirm their sexual choices are seen everywhere.

And frankly- that is what the movement is all about- to be honest, and we all know it.

That is why people are pushing back against LGBTQ corporate authorities and outright ignoring other LGBTQ companies – causing a massive backlash against businesses- that we thought would be ‘too big to fail’.

Think of Disney, Target, and Bud Light. Those corporate PR departments are not paying attention because if Sports, of all business, can drop because of oppressive social justice demands- so can everything else.

It is almost as if the corporate PR departments in those Woke Corps didn’t research what has happened to the highly popular NFL since they adopted a 2016 social justice mission, according to Forbes who reported:

“Sports has been rightfully called the last sustainable remnant of linear television’s once dominance. According to Sportico, the most watched scripted entertainment telecast of the year was the premiere of Yellowstone’s fifth season which aired across several ParamountPARA+1.2% Global networks. The program averaged only 12.5 million viewers. The highest-rated entertainment program for all of 2022 was the FBI on CBS which averaged a paltry 7.2 million viewers.

Despite its continued ratings dominance, NFL viewership declined for the 2022 regular season. Across all viewing sources, the average audience totaled 16.7 million, compared to 17.1 million in 2021.”

And it was over 18 million at its 5-year peak before the silly kneeling happened. And the social justice movement of those years has gone more aggressively and more sexually graphic- so expect bigger pushback.

Those numbers of engagement are in a country of 330,000,000, so how many people are not watching anything at all because they can not stand the politics?

Why are companies willing to lose so much of their customer base over ‘rainbow capitalism’? The numbers to replace their customers who hate it- are not there.

Look no further than top Woke LGBTQ corp- Target.

Here is what Fox News reported about Target’s massive losses during Pride Month over pushing clothing designed for LGBTQ:

“It’s too soon to tell whether Target has done any significant damage to its relationship with the LGBT community.

Since the backlash, Target’s market value has fallen over $12 billion to $61.77 billion as of Tuesday’s closing price. Mid-month the market value was over $74 billion.

Headlines about Target continue to come out each day since the news about the meeting first broke last week. A transgender designer whose products were pulled from Target stores told Reuters the customer backlash highlighted issues with “rainbow capitalism.”

Of course, Disney, who were the leading innovator in ‘Rainbow Capitalism’ and showed the nation humiliating losses for pushing their gay sex, transgender agenda too far, suffers with over $123 Billion dollars in losses:

And, of course, there is Bud Light, who have not seen the bottom fall out yet, but are headed there quickly with another $4 billion in losses this week:

According to the Pride Month organizers, it was the threat of boycotts from the LGBTQ plus movement that caused companies to line up and obey, in this recent NPR interview.

And let’s be honest- the left is vicious when they attack. Look no further than the 2020 Summer of leftist riots. Marxist activists are allowed to light things on fire and threaten to destroy humans when they don’t get their way and for political dominance that they don’t deserve. It is domestic terrorism, so businesses are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

The President isn’t going to do anything to do the ONE thing they are supposed to, and protect businesses from this sort of terrorism..

And now it might take boycotts of businesses to get them to stop the demands that we worship them for their sexual choices.

Not something Conservatives love to do- but all they are left with to claim their independence and be liberated again.

That is the upside-down world of social justice on an LGBTQ-plus power grab.

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