BREAKING! Kari Lake will Haunt Maricopa Co: Attorneys Filed Notice of Appeal

Ben Bergquam is one of Kari Lake’s favorite journalists, so she gave him some breaking news on Wednesday night right before her rally to ‘Defend America’.

Lake disclosed some big news to Bergquam that comes on the heels of last week’s court rulings, which at the time appeared to be the end to her pursuit for justice over the very odd November 2022 election for Governor.

Lake told Bergquam that since she has unearthed new evidence of wrongdoing in secret files of the leaders of Maricopa Co, so her attorneys have filed a notice of appeal.

Here is how Bergquam described what emerged last week from Lake’s team’s secret recordings, which are fueling the appeal:

“Maricopa County illegally broke into the machines and reprogramed them after they had been certified. On election day 59% of machines didn’t work. The fact that this election hasn’t been overturned yet is a travesty of justice! If it wasn’t for the machine and vote-by-mail signature verification fraud, @KariLake would have one in a landslide, and everyone knows it. This election must be thrown out!”

Here is what Lake told Bergquam Wednesday night to expand on that new information:

There are two things we have to stop. We got us up the machines, and we have to stop the mail-in ballots. Those are the ways they are committing fraud. And frankly, we need to go back to election day. There are a bunch of other things we can do. I’m going to break a little more news for you because you are such a great journalist, and I was going to break it tonight on the stage.

Our attorneys just filed a notice for appeal because of what we’ve discovered with the system log files, which show that they did secretive testing on three different dates we now have the video to back that up, and that was not available to us because Maricopa County, the people who committed the crime, against the people held that information from us.

Now, we have the information, and that changes everything.

And so, we are filing a notice to appeal, and you’ll see more filings in the coming days. We are not stopping. I Will Never Back Down that election was stolen from the people, and there will be no way that I back down from that.

I just won’t because it’s wrong. I want these people, Stephen Richer, Bill Gates, all of these people who are behind this election, to hear the steady drumbeat; I want it to haunt them and wake them up at night,” Lake told Bergquam.


Bergquam was on the scene live with Lake for her rally, where many supporters gathered to hear from her about her continuing plans and attempts to get a new election for Governor of Arizona.

Lake sounded confident, optimistic and hopeful about the future, and her supporters welcomed that energy.

Here is the full Real America’s Voice event:

And more of our coverage of the undercover evidence Lake and her team have been talking about, which changes everything:

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