ISRAEL BORDER CRISIS: Scenes from Biden’s Funded War Stimulates Fear About US Southern Border [VIDEO]

Israel has a border crisis, and they knew they had an illegal invasion unfolding. Yet, somehow, they were unable to protect themselves from a brutal onslaught in their nation that has shocked the world with the sadistic, brutal treatment of civilians.

“[Terrorists] come in and walk around southern Israel like they own the place, take over an army base for a few hours, kill soldiers while they were in their bed. I mean, it’s as unprepared as you can get.” —DavidM_Friedman, Former US Ambassador to Isreal, said Saturday about the war that has been started.

Footage from a news report describing murderous invaders walking around military bases, fully confident they would not be ejected on social media: HERE

Kari Lake came to the conclusion that the United States is in similar danger from our open borders, and that makes sense considering the news reports out of Israel over the last few months – bemoaning their illegal invasion.

Check out Lake’s tweet:


Social media is full of people drawing similar conclusions and making the same comparisons as Lake has between what is happening in Israel and what is feared by many to happen in the United States.

The video footage below shows a riot just one month ago in Isreal. And we know Israel has an illegal invasion going on.


From the description on the video:

September 2/ 2023

Isreal Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Wants Immediate Deportation Of All Illegal Eritrean Immigrants That Were Involved In A Violent Riot In Tel Aviv On Saturday<—>

He Called For Deportation Of African Migrant Infiltrators That Illegally Lives In Isreal—…—
After Rival Groups Of Eritreans Clashed In Bloody Protest That Left Over 200 People Injured
More Than Two Dozen Police Officers Were Injured Responding To The Riot…—…

From the Middle East Monitor, just one day later, after the video:

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, said on Sunday that illegal migration from Africa constitutes a “real threat to the future of Israel”, calling for the preparation of a plan to expel all infiltrators from the country.

Netanyahu’s speech came via tweets on his account on the X platform, a day after he announced the formation of a special ministerial committee to consider applying measures against those he described as “rioters”, following protests organised by Eritrean asylum seekers on Saturday in Tel Aviv.

Netanyahu said that Illegal infiltration into Israel from Africa poses a real threat to Israel’s future as a Jewish and democratic state. Israel has stopped this threat by building the fence on its southern border, he added.

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In 2013, Tel Aviv erected a 241-kilometre-long fence on the border with Egypt, in an attempt to stop infiltration from Africa into Israel through the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula.

Netanyahu noted that the problem lies with those who actually entered before the building of the fence was completed, and there are several tens of thousands of illegal infiltrators.

He said that Israel deported 12,000 African migrants voluntarily through various incentives and procedures, and that the government tried to push more to leave, but was met with opposition from the Supreme Court.

Netanyahu added that protests held by groups of Eritreans on Saturday crossed the red line and cannot be accepted, threatening the Eritrean protesters with “strict measures”, including immediate deportation.

He called on the ministerial committee to prepare a complete and updated plan to remove all other illegal infiltrators from Israel.

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