JD Vance Sounds Alarm on Capitol Hill Politics: Symphony of Concerning Fear and Loathing Over Ukraine Funding

Eighteen Republican senators joined Democrats in voting to advance a $95 billion national security bill that includes funds for Ukraine and Israel, positioning the bill to pass the Senate early in the week. This bipartisan support is seen as a rebuke to former President Donald Trump’s recent comments criticizing the NATO alliance.

One Republican Senator is sounding the alarm that the bill also is cloaking the demise of President Donald J. Trump in a very sneaky way.

The bill faced opposition from other AMERICA FIRST lawmakers in the House, particularly regarding funding for Ukraine amidst its conflict with Russia. However, discussions are underway to use a discharge petition to push the bill forward despite House Speaker Mike Johnson’s reluctance.

The legislation, which also includes humanitarian aid and funds for the Indo-Pacific region, was delayed due to negotiations to attach bipartisan border reforms, which were ultimately dropped after President Trump expressed dissatisfaction.

Trump’s comments at a recent campaign rally, questioning the U.S.’s commitment to NATO, further influenced the debate. While some Republicans defended Trump’s remarks as an attempt to encourage NATO allies to contribute more to defense spending, others criticized them as detrimental to U.S. interests and encouraging to Russian aggression.

Despite internal divisions, the bill garnered bipartisan support in the Senate, reflecting a commitment to NATO and aid for Ukraine. The passage of the bill is expected to proceed after further debate, with some GOP senators, including Rand Paul, expressing reservations about the level of foreign aid amidst concerns about the national debt.

The bill’s progress underscores the challenges faced by Republican leadership in navigating internal divisions and Democratic political maneuvering, with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell urging support for the Ukraine aid package despite criticism from some within his party.


Politics in 2024 is turning into a modern-day Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail. What would Hunter Thompson say about what is happening today on Capitol Hill?

He would have endless material for scathing critiques of politicians, the media, and the political process itself. No doubt the campaign trail today is as much a chaotic and absurd circus, filled with power struggles, backroom deals, and moments of sheer absurdity as it was in 1972.

Imagine this, Hunter picks up his #2 Prencil (War Room audience will understand that) and writes:

As the sun rose over Capitol Hill, the corridors buzzed with the murmurs of political maneuvering. In his office, Republican Ohio Senator JD Vance sat with furrowed brows, tapping away at his keyboard. Vance was weaving together a narrative of intrigue and concern to be published Monday in the American Conserative.

Meanwhile, on Monday’s edition of the War Room with Steve Bannon, Vance’s voice echoed through the airwaves, resonating with a sense of urgency. He recounted the unfolding drama of a $100 billion security supplemental bill, a bill primarily dedicated to bolstering support for Ukraine. Vance’s words painted a picture of a divided Republican Party, torn between priorities of border security and aid for a foreign nation.

“Fetish,” Vance called it, a term that he and Bannon both embraced with a sense of incredulity. How could the focus be on funding Ukraine, Vance wondered, when America itself was beset by its own internal strife and perilous challenges?

In his article and in conversation with Bannon, Vance didn’t mince words. He laid blame at the feet of Republican Senate leadership, singling out Mitch McConnell for criticism. The hurried passage of the bill, Vance argued, was emblematic of misplaced priorities and a disregard for pressing domestic issues.

But it wasn’t just about pointing fingers. Vance saw a larger game at play, one that threatened the electoral prospects of President Donald J. Trump and his fellow Republicans in the upcoming 2024 elections. By prioritizing Ukraine funding over crucial domestic concerns, Vance warned, the Democrats and their Republican allies were setting the stage for political upheaval.

Then, there were the provisions buried within the bill that Vance feared could shackle Trump’s potential second term. With a somber tone, he discussed the implications for future Ukraine policy and the specter of impeachment that loomed on the horizon.

As Vance’s words reached a crescendo, the gravity of the situation hung heavy in the air. It was a narrative of intrigue and caution, a tale of political machinations and their far-reaching consequences. And as the day wore on, the echoes of Vance’s warnings reverberated through the hallowed halls of power, a stark reminder of the delicate dance of politics.

And the warning is dire- according to Vance, people must understand possible impeachment scenarios.

Here is Vance’s tweet about those concerns:

“I never thought we’d get to a point where the criminals are codifying their money laundering and threatening the people’s representative in the executive branch with removal if they try to stop the criminal behavior,” Pollster Richard Baris said in reaction to Vance’s tweet, below,

Read Vance’s full article in the American Conservative:


“I can’t even begin to describe how horrible what they’re doing. And Republicans are in the US Senate- like Oklahoma and South Dakota. I just don’t get it. I don’t get these big MAGA/ Trump States where the Senators are absolutely awful.

Some senators are working with House members right now to try to work on a concept called a discharge petition.

This is a lesson in civics in modern America,” Bannon said, bringing Vance into the conversation:


And if you want more on Gozo- get the book, because we are as screwed now as we ever were with these politicians and usurpers:

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