Open Border Profiteers Create Death: 2023 Saw a Huge and Terrible Global Immigration Maelstrom. 2024 Will be Worse

The Darién Gap migration crisis, driven by the UN Global Compact on Human Migration, reached unprecedented levels in 2023, with a staggering 520,000 migrants navigating the perilous jungle corridor from Colombia to Panama.

The Democrats have created a maelstrom by enticing people with their promises of open borders- they have made a powerful whirlpool – a turbulent, chaotic situation- a state of affairs characterized by intense upheaval or confusion.

And they can not argue that they have served humanity with care. This is what they have done:

People on their way through the deadly jungles tell the media that they flee their homelands over regional violence and economic hardships.

Humanitarian services dealing with the plight of migration are strained under the influx of people tracking through the North American content headed for the United States.

At the same time, there has been a surge in profiteering with scam Non-Government Organizations and Non-Profits to collect a massive amount of funding meant to be altruistic for migrants who face grave dangers, including criminal exploitation, rampant sexual violence, and dire health risks.

We know from investigations by Real America’s Voice that there is profiteering going on:

Many concerned people point out that driving humans like cattle through very dangerous areas of the world and setting them to be exploited by violent drug cartels is not as humane as the migration profiteers would like others to believe.

Independent journalists are bringing shocking footage to the people of dead bodies left uncared for in the Darien Gap.

“This is the dead body just lying here, while children cross the same river. It is also an environmental disaster,” Oscar El Blue Ramirez reported on a recent investigation of the deadly jungles, showing destroyed lands and a decomposing body.

There are also dire environmental risks as exposed by El Blue in a recent transmission of the once pristine Jungles of the Darien Gap:

As frequently reported by Real America’s Voice correspondents Ramirez and Ben Bergquam, children comprise a significant portion of migrants, exacerbating humanitarian concerns.

With no signs of abatement, the crisis demands urgent attention and robust support to mitigate its profound human toll.

This overcrowded camp in Panama is one of the first stops for migrants after their grueling journey across the Darien jungle. After registration, they wait in long lines for buses to continue their journey. Many migrants arrive in poor health, suffering from exhaustion and dehydration. The trek can take up to a week, with many facing robbery and drowning.

Despite the risks, the number of migrants crossing the Darien Gap has surged, driven by economic crises and violence in their home countries. The US has limited asylum claims, but the flow of migrants continues to rise. The impact on local communities is significant, with resources stretched thin. Migrants face extreme conditions, with inadequate medical care and sanitation.

The situation has become so dire that indigenous tribes have had to build separate camps to accommodate the influx. Despite the hardships, the number of migrants making the journey to the US shows no sign of slowing down.

We covered the bursting camps in Panama:

Bergquam reported live from the area:

And the reasons why the US appears to be a part of driving an illegal invasion into the US:

We covered the pleas of other migrants who have made a plea for people to stop dragging their children through the area on their way to invade the United States illegally:

And the death toll:

But the message is not getting to the migrants that they are about to enter into a Hellish trip to try to invade the United States illegally.

As reported by The New Humanitarian,

“2023 has broken all records. It has been a huge, terrible maelstrom,” Elías Cornejo, who runs Fe y Alegría, an NGO promoting education and social advancement for migrants in Panamá, told The New Humanitarian. “And we expect a new increase [in 2024].”

Services like Fe y AlegrĂ­a – on both sides of the Colombia-Panama border – are becoming engulfed as the needs of vast numbers of vulnerable people traversing dangerous territory overwhelm local communities and aid groups trying to help.

The migrants take the 97-kilometre jungle trek – over steep and muddy terrain and along fast-flowing rivers – because it is the only overland route from South America into Central America. Once in Panamá, where government reception centres are overrun, most hope to head northwards through Mexico to the southern US border, but these journeys are also full of risks.

As they cross the Darién Gap and beyond, migrants face unchecked abuses by criminal groups, rampant sexual violence, a cascade of physical and mental health impacts, and worse: Between January 2021 and March 2023, Panamanian authorities found a reported 124 bodies on the route, mostly through drowning, but that’s thought to be a fraction of the real number of deaths, as many go unreported.

Many making these difficult journeys are escaping regional violence and economic crises in countries like VenezuelaHaiti, and Cuba, but increasing numbers have also been coming from countries in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, including China.

With no sign of a let-up in 2024, here are six graphs (and one map) that show the scale and evolving nature of the crisis, with analysis to unpack those trends.”


There is confirmation from other media that the Darien Gap is deadly and that it is inhumane to lie to people about it, as covered here:

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