Jones, in Interview, Predicts Iran’s Sleeper Cells Will Activate and Slams Globalist Domination

Alex Jones, the founder of InfoWars, who was instrumental in building the MAGA movement in 2015- 2016 to help President Donald J. Trump get an election, has been sued, censored, and destroyed over the massive movement alternative media platform he created. Jones appeared on X with Tucker Carlson in a pre-recorded interview on Thursday that is expected to get many views due to the intense interest in what Alex Jones has to say.

During the interview, Carlson said that Jones made accurate predictions before they happened, such as the new mask mandates and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and he predicted the attack on the World Trade Center, that happened on Sep. 11, 2021- in July 2001. Jones walked through the reasons he knew the World Trade Center was going to be attacked in a 2002 show, which Carlson showed a clip of on the X Interview.

Jones said, in that 2002 program that the media and government were hyping up the threat of Osama bin Laden before 9/11/ 2001.

Jones has been called the most censored man in American history. Carlson talked a bit about the platforming and debunking that Jones has experienced, with Arlson admitting that many people have preconceptions about Jones, “but he has been able to meet and exceed their expectations”.

“Jones’s predictions are so spot on that it’s remarkable,” Carlson said.

The two men talked about how they see a current war in the country, and each made remarks that what they see is happening in ways that are not visible most of the time.

The two talked about Censorship, propaganda, and conspiracy theories.

◦Alex Jones claims he was banned from social media platforms for questioning the Sandy Hook massacre and that he believes the government and mega corporations are controlling people’s behavior through global social credit scores.

Jones said he has evidence of a global movement to control people’s behavior, including the use of fear tactics like global warming and radical Islam and that he believes he has been targeted for censorship because of his perspective on these issues.

Jones mentioned whistleblowers within the military, police, and intelligence agencies who are aware of the government’s actions. He said he has successfully penetrated these areas to help people expand their awareness and not go along with the program.

Jones told Carlson that he feels he has been a test case for censorship in the United States and believes his platform will continue to grow despite the attempts to silence him.

He believes that the federal government is committing crimes and that good governors and attorney generals can declare emergencies in states to stop sanctuary cities, Jones said, adding that a coalition of good governors and attorney generals can give findings and rulings to stop sanctuary cities, and that local police and others should not have sanctuary cities in Texas, where many cities are Democrat.

Jones talked about:

Governments aim to create a “high-tech cashless society” with GPS-controlled robots and digital currencies.

The military is run by globalist-trained individuals, and disinformation is being used to control the public and that Governments have been seized, and big corporations want to eliminate the American idea of independence and self-sufficiency.

•Globalist agenda and population control is one the most popular topics for fans of Alex Jones to hear him talk about.

Jones said the globalist agenda for a “great reset” and “new order” takeover, including population reduction through famine and war and compares their role to a fisherman trying to warn others of an impending tidal wave, despite personal risk and he said that they would regret that their warnings were not heeded earlier, but hopes to prevent further harm in the future.

He expressed concern about the US government’s handling of immigration and terrorism, believing it poses a clear and present danger to the country and predicted that if the US goes to war with Iran, sleeper cells will activate and cause violence on American soil.

Jones said he feels a personal toll from his predictions and beliefs, stating that he has been exhausted and drained over the past 6 years.

On Media manipulation and the importance of awareness, Jones said:

◦ His experience in radio broadcasting for 22 years, mentioning their desire to expose the “bad guys” and the importance of staying sane in the face of globalist manipulation.

◦ He emphasizes the need for balance in fighting tyranny, citing record suicides, depression, and reviews in the country, and urges listeners to be aware of the attack and manipulation.


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