Kamala Harris Shows Off Her “White Man’s Overbite” While Twerking Out to the Cameras for Hip Hop’s 50th

Okay, this is going to be salty.. so if you are reading still, you accept the consequences.. this is my opinion. I can not possibly be expected to overlook how cringe Kamala is.. and how bad her dancing is because I got this one. I know from hip-hop and old school.

This move is terrible… but the mouth thing.. is just awful…. oh.. the queen is here..

First of all, Happy 50th Hip-Hop. Luv ya. But Kamala is not all that and a bag of chips. No.

SECOND OF ALL.. KAMALA.. what the heck are you doing, girl? There is no need to do that thing with your mouth. Stop doing that. The tune is not in your mouth.. it is not there. It is not in your queenie wrist flip..

You are NOT doing THIS thing, are you? There is no mouth thing happening here… no wrist flip going on:

Democrats think you will vote for Kamala Harris and other Democrats because of how Kamala dances, so it is fair game to truck over this idea and smash into the ground.

Let’s look – is there any mouth-y thing going on here:

There is no mouth thing here, either.. nope. This is how you rock a party:

Where does the awkward wiggling and mouth thing come from?

Our good friend Mr. Anthony Agureo found some footage that explains perfectly why Americans need to do better when they go to vote for the leadership of the United States of America. Because Democrats create false images of their politicians.

Friends, do not let friends drink and vote- okay? Why would anyone vote for her? You are voting for a Black woman who dances- right?

This – right here- needs to stop. This “Vice President” is not helping anyone in America, and she doesn’t dance like any Black Woman I have ever seen dance. Okay? THERE I said it.. The Democrats lied to us, and here is the proof.


And her dance moves stink.

Kamala Harris, the first “Black Woman,” blah.. blah.. was captured on video this weekend and celebrated by the left as getting down.

” Vice President Kamala Harris Dancing at Hip Hop’s 50th Anniversary Party at her residence in D.C.” is more like:, trying to grind out some bizarre standing lapdance-looking gyrations.. all while doing a “White Man’s Overbite,” and frankly, it is embarrassing.


She can not even dance right.. look…

And in all seriousness- why isn’t she at the border? Why is she wiggling.. and giggling and trying to look like that?

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Any white man’s overbite here?

NOPE.. and this is the Queen:

Just one more.. no white man’s overbite here either.. and this is how you dismiss scrubs.. there is no dainty finger- wrist flip.. Kamala do better:

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