Brat Crushes DC, Tells Bannon they are Playing ‘Fetch and Bow’ to Creepy Donor Class

Back when Democrats expected their leaders to do more than wiggle and giggle and pander to our enemies, they used to vote for people who had a clue about the importance of Western Civilization and a peaceful society.

They used to at least care about not turning the United States into a massive government yard. Those days are gone.

It is not that America has no heroes left- it is that the government is too massive and full of yummy wealth and power, and we are not strong enough or brave enough- or something- to keep usurpers from looting the public trust and selling the country down the drain.

To the power seekers, the American people are just – in the way. The power-grabbing megalomaniacs in our nation’s capital are not trying to serve us, nor are they even concerned about what they are destroying.

They are not like Donald J. Trump is- that is for sure.

If that sort of situation bothers you- check out this War Room segment with Steve Bannon and former US Congressman from Virginia, Dave Bratt, who brilliantly describes how DC has become a place where our elected civil servants are playing fetch and bow to a weird Donor Class:

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