Kari Lake AZ Governor Candidate: “States Can Take Back Their Sovereignty”

Real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam and host of Law and Border walked along the southern border with the Republican candidate for AZ Governor, Kari Lake, who discussed her ideas about being Governor and what she planned to do to help save Arizona from an invasion.


“Welcome back to law and Border where Ben joins gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake to discuss Joe Biden’s failed border policies and what it means for her, and her State,” David Bray, the announcer, said.

“Think about the families in America that are still struggling. We just went through two years of  American lockdown for COVID.

And, all of that nonsense that went along with it, while Illegal aliens are dumping their belongings because they know that the government is going to be buying them new stuff.

It’s just more salt in the wounds of the American people, as the Biden Administration continues to put America behind illegal immigrants,”Lake said.

“Also it is telling that they can dump anything that could lead back to their criminal history in their own home country,” Bergquam said.

“It is like a punch in the gut for Arizona. You mentioned that families are struggling right now. They’re struggling to find work. We’re watching inflation go up. You said 200 yesterday that you were sitting here at least every single day, all across this great country along the border coming in. And it tells the people of America that our government doesn’t care about us, and we’re going to let them know when I’m Governor that the state government cares about them. We’re going to stop this now,” Lake said, walking along with Bergquam.

“It’s outrageous that nobody is standing up. They are acting like no elected official has the power, and the governor’s do, they can stop this madness, and we need to elect people who will do it. It’s so critical,” Bergquam said

“We are sovereign states, we’re not surfs of the federal government. But we’ve allowed the government, the federal government to grow bigger, and bigger, and more powerful. And I think it’s about time, we push them back and say, get out, we don’t need you, you’re not even doing the jobs that that that you’re supposed to do will take over, will take over from here and I think we have a lot more power than people,” Lake said.

Watch the full interview and share! Lake’s election is less than three months away.

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