Kari Lake Trashes Katie Hobbs for Gaslighting the Voters and Judge in new Filing, Rasmussen Promises Explosive AM Report

There are several updates in Republican Kari Lake’s lawsuit against Katie Hobbs, as Lake looks for any amount of integrity in the election system in Arizona and comes up empty-handed over and over again- except for some grassroots Patriot elections workers.

In fact, things are so bad that according to Rasmussen polls, “55% of the people, the voters in the country think that the Republicans work with the Democrats to get rid of Trump.”

And if they did that to Trump, they likely did it to Kari Lake who is a populist hero similar to Trump.

The American people are generally uneasy about elections, according to one pollster, who added that there is more explosive news ready to be given to the public about the weird Arizona election involving Lake and Hobbs, so we may soon find out about the people’s opinion of the strange election.

In a new legal filing on Thursday, Kari Lake’s lawyers accused Katie Hobbs and her legal team of trying to distract and gaslight the situation and drag the judge overseeing Lake’s lawsuit “down a rabbit hole” to confuse him about the nature of Lake’s legal complaint regarding the chain of custody conflicts in the Nov. 2022 midterm elections.

Lake’s team filed new motions on Wednesday and Thursday of this week to set the situation right.

Lake sees Hobbs gaslighting as a common theme, to cover up the entire election mess.

According to the legal documents, here is the sneaky thing Hobbs and her lawyers are trying to do:

“Respondents accuse Lake of raising a new argument regarding certain chain-of-custody forms and the 35,563 unaccounted-for ballots injected into the election at Runbeck. Disparaging Lake’s claim as not only “new” but also “fantastical” and a “fabrication,” Respondents disingenuously argue that Lake cites chain-of-custody forms in her Petition that she alleged in the trial court did not even exist,” the latest filing in the case of a very mysterious election for Arizona, reads. (Full filing below).

In response to Hobb’s claims, Lake’s lawyer continues:

“First, the issue of ballots being injected at Runbeck has been an issue since the inception of this case. A Runbeck whistleblower testified to that fact, and the complaint alleged “[t]here is no way to know whether 50 ballots or 50,000 ballots were unlawfully added into the election” at Runbeck. The insertion of ballots at Runbeck is only made possible due to Maricopa’s failure to follow chain-of-custody laws which require a precise count of dropbox ballots at each stage they are handled.”

The election appears highly fraudulent and is difficult to pretend otherwise.

Lake made a statement to Ben Bergquam, a correspondent with Real America’s Voice, in response to the shocking new poll about how the American people are seeing election integrity, and also referred to the night she as a Republican Candidate for Governor lost- because they go together, the poll proves her instinct was right:

“When the race was called for Katie Hobbs, I tweeted, “Arizonans know BS when they see it,” Lake said in her statement, adding she was aware of the day’s newest polling:

“One of the most trusted pollsters in America has now confirmed that I was correct. No amount of gaslighting from corrupt officials in Maricopa County and their minions in the Fake News can change what we all saw with our own eyes. The Red Wave hit Arizona, and the sinister forces that tried to stop it continue to be exposed.”

Mark Mitchell, a Rasmussen pollster, broke down the day’s newest data with Steve Bannon on the War Room and it caught Lake’s attention even though it did not specifically address Arizona- until the end.

Lake posted a clip where Mitchell concluded his incredible report by saying:

“I think we’re going to have something even worse coming out of Arizona and it is going to blow up across the country, is going to be explosive, “ Mitchell told Bannon.


Rasmussen doubled down on Friday, on Twitter, in reaction to Lake’s comment, and promise to reveal big things for Lake:

This is the newest filings in Lake’s lawsuit:

Powerful message from Lake that she is not giving up:

This story is developing..

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