Polling Shows Kari Lake was Elected Governor of AZ by 8 Points, “We Nailed It” Leading Pollster Explained

There is a strong signal that irregularities happened intentionally to change the results of the latest AZ election between Republican Kari Lake and Democrat Katie Hobbs. On Friday morning, one top pollster reported to Steve Bannon on the War Room that he feels very confident, based on new polling, that Lake won her race by a massive lead of 8 points.

“We asked questions about who did you vote for in the most recent midterm elections, and we asked about Governor, Secretary of State Attorney General government,” Mark Mitchell of Rasmussen, told Bannon about the way the polling happened, adding:

“We used our standard method, and we used very uncontroversial weightings. They’re slightly more favorable to Democrats by two points than the Edison numbers that came out, which is what everybody uses, you know, the gold standard in the industry for exit polling. And so we found that just four months ago, the people of AZ elected Kari Lake as governor of Arizona by eight points.” 

 “That is a landslide,” Bannon replied, inviting Kari Lake into the conversation. “We thank whoever sponsored this poll.”

‘My thoughts are that the red wave did happen, and this poll verifies that point. And it shows that people understand that elections are corrupt and people care about these issues. For example, 50% believe that 2020 elections were rigged, and 55% believe that 2022 was rigged,” Lake told Bannon when she joined in on the segment.

Mitchell added more about his methods and the results, which proved something was wrong with the outcome of the election going to Hobbs:

“If you average all of our September and October generic valid polling, we were off 1.2%. From the official numbers in the Voted National House, popular vote. So the polling works. I’ll tell you what, we nailed it for the Arizona Republican primary, In the summer we use landlines in Arizona and dial them up and ask people these questions. We took the demographics and weighed it to match the electorate. The Edison exit polling said in 2022, the electorate was R plus 6. We used our plus 5 and we got carry Lake winning,” he said hinting that the cheating was evident when the math was evaluated.


Mitchell explains his methodology and results.

And Lake’s response:


Lake has been mocked and shamed relentlessly for making claims that some Arizona Republicans joined the state’s Democrats to cheat and deny a Lake Governship in the recent 2022 midterm elections.

The left thinks that is a laugh riot. They must think cheating is funny, but this recent data from Rasmussen on how people in AZ felt about cheating in AZ, and results are sobering.

Friday’s War Room segment with Mark Mitchell from Rasmussen polls hands Lake the last laugh because she is not alone in holding the thought that cheating happened.

Look at the arrogant way the Left, like Jim Sharpe, tells the story from KTAR news:

“Since Hobbs and Fontes are Democrats, those claims are believable enough for some people to keep giving Lake lots o’ cash. I really seriously worry, though, about the Republicans who believe Lake’s claims that Republican politicians helped the Democrats cheat Republican candidate Lake out of the governorship.

That makes Lake laughable to most people.

But the majority-Republican Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and Hobbs and Fonte, stopped laughing long ago about Lake’s copious claims — when they were made in court against them. And this week they asked the state’s highest court to throw Lake, her lawsuit and her lawyers out on their ears.

But Hobbs and Fontes are going even further. They are asking that the Arizona Supreme Court sanction Lake and her lawyers. That could potentially take thousands of dollars out of their pockets.

I think they’d be more successful if they could get their Republican co-defendants to also seek some monetary pain against Lake’s lunacy.

The effect on the public would undoubtedly be more profound if Republicans helped bring focus to Lake’s crazy claim that Republicans criminally colluded — with Democrats — to get Democrats elected.”

Here is something else the Never Trump RINOS and left may not be laughing about:

Two days of polling exposes a bunch of cheaters and charlatans, as far as the voters are concerned.

Rasmussen’s Mitchell released shocking data on Thursday as well, just one day prior, that gave a fascinating look into the mindset of Americans who were asked about the current view of Trump and his position in the Republican Party:

As most polls have shown consistently for years now, Donald Trump is still perceived as the most important leader of the Republican Party; 37% of all likely voters told Rasmussen that Trump was a better leader for the Republican Party, and 60% of Republicans also chose Trump (Trump has 77% favorability with GOP voters and 52% favorability among all voters).

More men (56%) than women (50%) voters had a somewhat favorable opinion of Trump.

The Rasmussen poll also found that not only did more than two-thirds of Republicans, but a majority of all likely voters think it’s “somewhat likely” Republicans secretly colluded with Democrats to stop Trump’s re-election. It adds interesting data to the ongoing debate surrounding alleged voter fraud and controversial candidates in the 2020 and 2022 elections.

Fifty-five percent (55%) of all voters believe it’s at least somewhat likely that Republican politicians in Washington, D.C., worked secretly with Democrats to keep Trump from being reelected in 2020, while 33% don’t think it was likely. Among GOP voters, 67% think Republican politicians helped Democrats prevent Trump’s reelection… Forty-seven percent (47%) of unaffiliated voters and 51% of Democrats believe it is at least somewhat likely that Republican politicians in Washington, D.C., worked secretly with Democrats to keep Trump from being reelected in 2020.

That includes 65% of voters under 40 years old and 70% of self-identified conservatives who think Republicans secretly worked to stop Trump’s re-election.

Also, while only 26% of black voters view Trump favorably (compared to 57% of whites), 55% of other minorities have a favorable view of him.

Rasmussen tweeted Thursday that President Joe Biden’s approval is at 47%, down two points from the day before. As Biden continues to lose popularity despite media praise, Trump, according to the poll data above, has a 52% favorable opinion among voters, despite the years-long media smear campaign. So Trump is more popular than Biden.

“As the left continues to attack Trump relentlessly, it’s noteworthy that Americans’ opinions of Trump seem far less impacted by media narratives than the media would like to think,” PJ Media reported in their reaction to the newest polling.

Frontline America reported on the anticipated announcement about Arizona, specifically:

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