KASH PATEL: ‘The Decade-Long Revenge Campaign Against MAGA Goes On,’ Thanks to Speaker Johnson Funding 702s

All of the talk in the media is about how President Donald J. Trump is going to be a dictator and get revenge, however, revenge campaigns already happen, according to Steve Bannon and Kash Patel. Check this out:

“If Trump wants to be such a dictator, if Kash Patel can be such a terrible CIA director as Steve Bannon so often, why are we the ones fighting for the fact that we can’t surveil people domestically, American citizens? That means all you scumbags on the left.

We don’t care. You’re American citizens do what you want, right? We’ll catch you later, but we’re not going to use the American Gestapo.

We’re not going to play that game, have the like you do, like have turned the FBI into a Gestapo that then surveil American citizens and Catholics saying the rosary at abortion clinics and patriots out there that you say are their domestic extremists.

We’re saying let’s get away from that power. Is that cash? That’s the biggest however, they want it because they want to keep surveilling American citizens that happen to be Maga. We’re sitting there going, No, we don’t want the ability to surveil you, because it’s not American. We’re going to beat you another way. Okay, we’re not going to use tools of the Nazis and the Soviets right? We’re not going to use the lives of others like stuff like the movie showed the Stasi did Kash Patel,” Steve Bannon said, describing the situation on Thursday as the US House passed a measure to keep funding the illegal surveillance of the American people.

Kash Patel answered Bannon:

“We are not the ones that illegally surveilled the presidential candidate with funds from a Democratic Party. We are not the ones that illegally use foreign spy surveillance tools against American citizens, unlawfully children 74 times we are not the ones that illegally surveilled congressional senior staffers who are doing constitutional oversight.

These are all the folks on the radical left or the rhino establishment class that say we are violating the laws. Were the guys looking to clean up their messes and their abuse of the law, and they turned around and threw this in our faces and said we’re going to be the ones who conduct a revenge campaign?

They have been dominating an unlawful vengeance Campaign Against Trump in America for supporters for nearly a decade. And they just got another weapon to do until at least April and wait till you see the abuses that are going to pile up in the next five months,” Patel answered.

On Wednesday, former Trump administration official, Kash Patel appeared on the War Room with Steve Bannon to discuss the continuing resolution that was approved on behalf of corrupt FBI director Christopher Wray, which will enable the out-of-control agency to get revenge against their political opponents.

Surveillance tool 702 and its use in intelligence gathering was the topic of the War Room segment. Patel, the author of Government Gangsters, discussed using surveillance tool 702 in terrorism cases, citing its effectiveness in lawful use.

“Well, there’s this surveillance tool called 702. It’s part of the FISA program, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. It’s a very specific tool. I used it when I was a terrorism prosecutor. I used it when I was JSOC. Targeting terrorists to be taken out by our special forces operations. I’m the guy who’s going to tell you when you use it lawfully, it works brilliantly. What happened today, though, was a complete laydown after the Russia gate investigation where Devin Nunez and I led the exposure of the corruption at the FISA court. We implemented all these reforms. And Chris Wray went on to violate every single notion of 702, Patel told Bannon.

Patel talked about his extensive experience dismantling the legal surveillance mechanism and seeing the dangers of missing the tool to capture foreign terrorists- and he discussed his alarm about Speaker of the House Mike Johnson, had to reauthorize the use of it in the US on American citizens.

“It [has gotten worse] has because they got their clean authorization on this one I think is a failure for conservative Republicans and people who care about surveillance in this country. Chris Wray wanted a clean reauthorization; Chris Wray who violated the 702 bill set 274,000 times to search against American citizens in the United States illegally.

And he comes to Congress and says, I fixed everything. It’s all good. I got it. Nothing to see here. The guy who covered up Russiagate, the guy who allowed Donald Trump to be surveilled unlawfully, the guy who surveilled houses of worship at 274,000 Americans, and Mike Johnson just stuck it in the NDAA a clean reauthorization till at least. . I don’t understand. We had all of the reforms built in. We wrote them out three years ago, and they couldn’t get their stuff together in time,” Patel said.

SHOCKING!! Patel told Bannon that Chris Wray, a former FBI official, illegally searched 274,000 Americans’ data without a warrant, using 702s.

Patel and Bannon discussed the controversial provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Patel accused others of lying about its contents.

• Surveillance and domestic extremism are the topics.

Patel said that Democrats are illegally surveilling Trump supporters and using foreign spy tools against American citizens.

Bannon said it was the: Radical left and “rhino establishment class” launched a revenge campaign against Trump.


More about Patel’s appearances on the War Room this week:

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