‘Throw Off Your Chains, You are not going to be Supplicants!’ Bannon Demands [War Room Digest]

It was a busy week in the War Room. This is a fan digest. For more on War Room- go to: WarRoom.org

The cold open that kicked off the week highlighted President Trump’s Dec. 2 Cedar Rapids, Iowa speech and showed him saying, “this is your home, and American liberty is your God-given right,” Trump said in the clip and segued into the video of Eric Schmidt talking about AI and back to Trump talking about the weaponization of Government, saying he would ban the use of AI and rip apart Biden’s EO on AI, which the War Room highlighted last week.

That was just War Room influence #1 for the week.

Trump opened his epic Cedar Rapids speech talking about the Biden’s EO that didn’t get much media. The same one that was discussed in the War Room, in alarming tones, since it was written.

And after hearing War Room’s Joe Allen deconstruct some really macabre footage of Eric Schmidt, which showed the dangers of Biden’s EO, looks like Trump got the message.

Three were two other ‘scalps’ of significance where the influence of the War Room was demonstrated.

SIGNAL: Bannon, who has been fired UP!, was drinking War Room Coffee made by WarPath.

The media was fired about Bannon all week too- and he took the time and remind his audience that he was not a spokesman for President Trump; he was just giving his thoughts and opinions. That is important to know because the influence of the War Room is expanding, and what Bannon said on the show this week is making the corporate media spiral into despair. They don’t know who to blame for the power of the War Room- BLAME BANNON; Bannon said he wants you to know that what he says is about his ideas, and he doesn’t care if you don’t like any of it.

His fans like how Bannon does it- and that is all he cares about.

Here is what Bannon repeated over three days, which are “Republic Ending” issues that face MAGA:

  1. Debt
  2. Lawfare

Earlier in the month, Bannon told his audience about a continuing theme; here are the three top issues in his 2024 ‘issue set,’ according to Bannon:

  1. Debt Crisis-Government needs to fix their spending.
  2. Loss of Sovereignty and closing the border.
  3. Geopolitics is giving the US Government opportunities for money laundering.

So now the multipronged plan to address these issues begins.

And this is just my fan-generated digest for the three morning shows of Dec. 4- Dec 6, 2023

FAN PICKED HIGHLIGHT of three days: Steve Bannon: “We Have To Have Transformative Legislation”

These are Bannon’s ideas- Bannon’s supporters don’t care if he is wrong sometimes or if they disagree with him. His essence is fighting for the American Spirit and standing up strong so everyone can overcome that opposition; fans say that makes them want to stand with him.

Long-time War Room fan, Teacher Tammy tweeted to me this week about why she loves the War Room: “When you find through information your country is like frogs in a pot of lukewarm water, you see the heat turning up slowly and you see the consequence of complacency is death you become either brave, fearful of you deny! When you see people take a stand, it’s contagious!”

So this week so far has been epic. Bannon stood up and demanded that the US Federal government accept its limitations and that it serve the American people, including the working class and the religious, which is Bannon’s long-time focus.

And Bannon kept coming back to demand the US House take its fiduciary responsibilities seriously and address spending. “We have added a Trillon dollars in debt in 90 days and if we do our jobs, they have to stay in DC past the 24th and address that.”

Of course, he needs people to use their “human agency”. That is what these tools are for:


Phone AP by Grace Chong: Bill Blaster

Presidential Transition Team Training by Heritage: Project 25 

Book by Kash Patel: Government Gangsters 

Polling by Richard Baris: MAGA Coalition was Discussed on Tues, and Rust Belt 

Movie about Clarence Thomas: Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words 

Twitter Thread: Marco Polo pictorial directories of Government Civil Servants Discussed by Garrett Ziegler.

Study on VaccinesResearch in the Public Interest – discussed by Dr. Malone


On Tuesday, Bannon encouraged his followers to “rise up and tell them [Politicans] they you are in charge, not them. Tell these people that you are not supplicant!!” Dave Bratt echoed that and added, “You are made in the likeness of God. You are not a supplicant.”



  1. making or expressing a plea, especially to someone in power or authority: “a supplicant serf before an ill-tempered monarch”

TO DO LIST– Here is where Bannon wants action: Cut discretionary spending and raise taxes on the Kochs and others in the donor class.


MONDAY Hour One and Hour Two

“This is the CCP model more perfected with American tech and American capital, and President Trump went through what Biden has done to take away your rights and to control you. This election is about control. They can not sell Bidenomics,” Bannon, hinting at his thoughts for the week ahead.

“Biden has nothing to sell; compared with Peace and Prosperity, Biden is crushed.”

Trump will rescind the AI executive order, which will be the first thing he will do as President.

Bannon: The problem they see is that MAGA loves America too much. We are the new Jerusalem, and we will fight for it- Bannon said, focusing again on the Tim Alberta- Clip.

“War Room is the lead battalion of the MAGA movement, and it is all you,” Bannon said.

Bannon talked about:



Monroe Doctrine

Compared Trump to Biden and the differences in the campaigns

“They gamed the control opposition for decades,” Bannon said about Fox News calling Dick Cheney a war criminal and called George Bush an airhead over the war in Iraq.

GUEST: US Rep. Matt Rosendale (R-MT) discussed the Debt crisis.

Guest: Peter Navaro

Esquire article about Bannon

Atlantic article about MAGA loves America too much

What happened last week was very important with the donors and corporatists dining with the leader of the CCP, Bannon said.

“They showed you how they are going to play with a shot across the bow- axio ai announcement control and AZ shot across the bow on Cochise Co indictment on two supervisors who questioned election in Maricopa Co,” Bannon said.

“The importance of Iowa’s speech is that what Trump will do is not a theoretical discussion; we have evidence of what he will do. It is a 10 point spread, and that is why the DNC put out a memo not to use Bidenomics- so they have to scare people about Trump and his supporters- which is what the speech was focused on,” Bannon said.

Bannon read a TWEET JUST IN: North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum (R ) is suspending his campaign in the Republican presidential primary after failing to gain traction in the crowded field.

TWEET about Fox News when they cut away from Trump’s Cedar Rapids, Iowa speech

TUESDAY Hour One Hour Two

Bannon Talked about two hearings at the Capitol on Funding colleges- and rising hateful rhetoric.

Bannon talked about the CNN article Haley- Donor Barbie

GUEST Kash Patel talked about the footage of James Carvel trashing Bannon. Talked about the letter from Speaker Johnson to the White House and about Trump’s campaign.

10,000 Illegal Aliens in 24 hours

Bannon talked about a Coordinated strike with the media to push the story of Trump as a dictator.

Bannon talked to Kash about his book and wondered if they are scared now because they read it, especially considering Morning Joe’s comments about the danger to the treasonous.

CBS News about Gold

GUEST Dave Bratt talking about taking out hardship loans from their retirement

North Africans not assimilated into the society- talked about rapes and those 10,000 invaders coming in, one of the issues that make Biden look bad.

This is why they can’t talk about what is happening with Biden; they change it to demonize Trump.

SIGNAL: Nikki Haley wants to get rid of entitlements, which are small amounts of money- and it “irks them, that you get money from what you paid into.” Bannon talked about alternatives to cut funding, like cutting loans to the CCP.

Rant to Carvel: “You have smeared the greatest people on the face of the planet, the American people,” Bannon said.

NEW ORDER RANT – “You are not going to be supplicants- you are more worthy than that. You are the backbone of society, the Little League, the churches, everything. They have you in a situation where you are the supplicant. They have destroyed you; if you understand your collective power, we can turf them off, and they will be the supplicants. They are the ones mocking you and laughing at you and the Christians, and you are being targeted as a domestic terrorist”.

Bannon announced the Impeachment hearing vote.

Axios article about Youth Vote

Guest Dave Clemons talked about the Dominion Voting products being bogus. He introduced his documentary and how it relates to Jan. 6th. “they are in prison now because of what happened on election day called Let my People go, Dec. 15.

Clemons talked about a Rasmussen poll and said it is so high because the claims of people who are concerned have not been debunked.

McHenry won’t seek reelection that is a War Room “Scalp.”

WEDNESDAY Hour One and Hour Two

Bannon flashbacks to an interview with Kash Patel, the author of Government Gangsters, to discuss the likelihood of anything getting done in Trump’s next term.

GUEST Kash Patel: “We have the bench to do this [remove the administrative state from DC]. We have to put in all American patriots top to bottom.

Bannon talked about the Sean Hannity interview and about McCarthy leaving the House at the end of the month, showing the third place where the War Room audience has changed DC.

GUEST Borris Epshteyn to talk about polling for President Trump, saying the Democrats are getting desperate talking about dictators. Look where we were three years ago h, he said, comparing Trump and Biden. “We need Trump back to save the world. Just ask people, Were you worse or better off three years ago- border, economy, no war,nd we have lacked leadership. Trump is crushing the general and the primary.

Guest: Darren Beattie, Editor of Revolver- “Failed talking heads are telling people he will be a dictator, and there are hit pieces about him in the Washington Post article, making Trump the new Ceasar.”

“They are trying to make the case for his assassination… ” Bannon said and talked about a fight in the Senate.

“J6 is the key to unlocking all of this. Why did they destroy the tapes?” Bannon asked Beattie.

“To make sure the public doesn’t see the tape, but to see more and more tape reaffirming the false narratives is damaging to the regime- they have invested a lot into this in order to justify the weapons to destroy the enemies of Biden and the globalist empire- and it is very dangerous.,” Beattie answered.

Guest Dave Brat talked about the WaPo Article, adding that Tim Alberta’s books are coming out simultaneously. showing coloration. Busted

Bannon and Bratt then talked about the following topics:

Christian nationalism and its impact on the church.

• Judeo-Christian values, spending, and politics.

The history of Judeo-Christian values in the US, emphasizes the role of Protestant Christians in shaping the country’s institutions and principles.

Modern universities for promoting leftist ideologies and attacking free speech, suggesting that it’s time to “take them back” and restore traditional values.

The national debt states that it has increased by $1 trillion in the past 90 days and will continue to grow.

Bratt predicts that President Biden will try to cut interest rates to combat the economic impact of his tax cuts, which will expire in February 2025.

• Political power and agency in the US. Bannon emphasized the importance of standing in the gap and taking action in moments of crisis, citing historical examples.

Bannon told listeners to recognize their own and make decisions that drive history forward in a positive direction.

Bannon compares Trump to American Cincinnatus and Caesar, citing Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar.

• Political strategy and the “administrative state”..Bannon argues that the administrative state and its supporters are impervious to elections and have set up a system that is extra-constitutional.

Bannon said he believes that exposing the puppet masters and stopping their TV productions can help kill the spending and return to Trump’s policies and criticizes politicians who don’t understand the lived experiences of Americans, particularly those who love their country and understand its spiritual mission.

Bannon urged politicians to get back to work and face the crisis despite the challenges and negative media coverage.

• Courage and accountability in the face of political opposition.

Bratt said “They think they can scare Christians and Catholics into submission They don’t care if they’re assaulting 100 million, particularly 30 million Christians who are not registered to vote”

Bannon emphasized the importance of accountability in government, citing Michael Dell as a courageous individual who has been fighting against the “deep state” and “administrative state.”

• Politics, business, and social issues.

Bannon emphasized the importance of profitability and skew in business, citing Walmart as an example of a company that prioritizes these factors over other considerations.

Bratt criticized corporate executives for prioritizing ESG and other progressive values over profitability, calling them “godless cowards” who are afraid to speak the truth.

Bratt, a Former Congressman, said that House should lead on budget, not bow to the Senate.

Important Highlight:

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