TREASON! Landgrabs for Illegal Aliens on USA Soil

How much money are developers making with Landgrabs to benefit illegal aliens? That should be the question on the minds of Americans as they watch the following video footage from Todd Bensman, who has been reporting on border issues for years. Bensman was on War Room and told Steve Bannon that he had uncovered the development of a city for illegal aliens that was between 75,000 and 100,000 illegal aliens.

Ben Bergquam, a correspondent for Real America’s Voice, asked the question. And it happens as big news is being made on border issues today:

Bensman talked with Bannon about the policies and attitudes, and shell games processes by the Biden administration ‘to bring in as many foreign nations into the country’ which he described as the biggest secret by the American government to allow tens of thousands of people in foreign countries, and how the government is moving these people into American communities.

“It is a mass abuse. That is what has to be excavated out,” Bensman said about the planned invasion of the country.

And now we know where these people will be living:

“What one small expanding section looks like of “Colony Ridge,” which many regards as the largest illegal alien settlement in America…40 miles northeast of Houston in Liberty County. It is the subject of the last chapter of my book OVERRUN.”

This is it today:

We will be updating this article as a congressional hearing unfolds, on the Department of Homeland Security and on Biden’s administration getting slammed for allowing an invasion of the nation with an immigration scheme, focusing on Sec. Mayorkas.

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